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  1. CP wizard was able to something similar with Mame and per game for other emulators, you can still use it to batch export controls but it’s no longer supported. Will tryout when I can
  2. Found the Fix posted on the Supermodel forum, Had to go to properties, compatibility, Change high DPI, High dpi scaling override to Application and presto. 😁 Thanks @nohero for looking into it, after I watched your video and seen everything was set up the same, it had to be on my end. Now to find some game bezels
  3. Have tried now with and without UI version r865 and with version 864, still the same if I remove the opengl32.dll the emulator will run fine, I have to remove the reshade plugin in launchbox then the games run fine through launchbox Stumped?? Also just using the default launchbox settings for supermodel
  4. Having Trouble getting Supermodel running? Complete Setup Working stand alone, when I try to launch from launchbox the EMU crashes? Then no games will launch stand alone after that? Any ideas?? Supermodel.log OPENGL32.log
  5. Finally Got a chance to play with Game overrides for Sega Model 2, so I created some Bezels in GIMP using @nohero's example as a template, none of the artwork is mine all just taken from Launchbox images and what I could find on Google, The Zip file is all setup to my naming so you'll have to change it if yours differs. Just put it in the Games folder of reshade Manager. There Are 34 Games Thanks @nohero for this it works great so far. Hope to work on more as I can. Sega Model 2.zip
  6. Yeah lots of missing files, i believe hard drive is toast, Going to order a new one, I did exactly what you thought i did first and found it on my own after posting. Then started getting drive flag from windows, tried Scan and Fix, Not the thing to do, A lot of misc. files missing , HBMame install almost completely gone, not sure why Windows would dump them during the "FIX" had the entire drive as an exception in Defender. Thanks for the advice though.
  7. Well it starts after another install however now missing a ton of my media??? redownloading 6749 images. Not sure what happened?? Had a lot of homemade stuff very disappointing☹️
  8. Updated last night to 12.3 seemed fine, today launchbox would not open. tried using backup xml still the same. Tried reinstalling 12.2 Have nothing no games nothing, Put backup xml in now launchbox wont start again. Tried an older backup with same results??? Really dont want to start over again
  9. My Aimtraks are useless with my 2nd monitor in windows 10, can you clarify what all you did to get them to keep calibration with 2nd monitor enabled??
  10. I see what you mean, it would be nice to somehow pull them into some sort of catagory across an entire collection, light gun games could work that way as well with all the different platforms that used them
  11. Also alot of info in the BYOAC thread http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,74091.680.html Check reply 714 for the newest version of command dat
  12. https://web.archive.org/web/20180325003612/http://www.headsoft.com.au/index.php?category=cpwizard&page=download Latest I know of
  13. Would love to see a laser disc platform, as it requires multiple emulators to run them all, Daphne, Winuae, Retroarch, Singe2 etc. Created A Bit Bucket request https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues?&status=new
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