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  1. Hi Elements604, have you ever found a fix for your first (1) problem? After asking some help I finally found a few different solutions to use AHK to open and close Touchmote automatically when Mame starts and ends. It works perfect outside of Launchbox but I run into your exact problem when launching from launchbox. It seems to lose focus and goes to either a black game screen or a complete crash.
  2. Hi again. I have been trying Autohotkey the last few days. Getting close but I just cannot get it to automate Touchmote to open and close every time Mame opens and closes. The Script works if I replace Touchmote with say, Notepad.exe or a different app which needs admin rights but never when using Touchmote. It just sends endless message boxes that say touchmote is already running. I have been going through tutorials and looking for examples online. I am completely new at this and could use a push in the right direction. Also, any ideas on dealing with the UAC prompt when opening Touchmote whilst in Launchbox/Bigbox? I hope it is ok for me to ask advice in this thread , if not let me know and i will ask for advice else where. #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. ; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. if not A_IsAdmin { Run *RunAs "%A_ScriptFullPath%" ; Requires v1.0.92.01+ ExitApp } #Persistent #NoEnv SetTimer, CheckProcesses, 1000 ; check for process status change every second Return CheckProcesses: ;------------------- ; Mame / Touchemote ; ------------------ Process, Exist, mameuifx64.exe ; change this to be whatever your process name is mameuifx64PID := Errorlevel Process, Exist, D:\Emulators+\Lightguns\Touchmote\Touchmote.exe ; change this to be whatever your process name is TouchmotePID := ErrorLevel if ( mameuifx64PID ) { If ( !TouchmotePID ) Run, D:\Emulators+\Lightguns\Touchmote\Touchmote.exe } else Process, Close, %TouchmotePID% Return ^x::ExitApp
  3. I installed EventGhost a few days ago and played around with it a bit, but I am not getting very far. I tried to make touchmote start and close when Mame started and closed but was not very successful. I have not written any scripts before but I would like to start. I interests me a lot. I think A plug-in for Launchbox would always be a welcome addition. This topic is great, it takes a bit of fiddling but once setup it works really well for lightgun games. Anything that makes this process smoother would be more than welcome!
  4. This looks really interesting. I am not well known in scripting. But I would like to have a go at this. Are you still willing to post it for me?
  5. Nevermind, It looks like I spoke too soon. All my old configurations seem to be inplace. The forum page for pcsx2-configurator-next is still not accessible : https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/47072-pcsx2-configurator-next/
  6. Hey there, I haven't been on the forums in a long while. Nice to see the updated version of the plug-in for LB Next. I was wondering if and how I could transfer all my old configurations over to the new plug-in settings. Also, the forum page for the plug-in itself does not seem to work: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/47072-pcsx2-configurator-next/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-297733
  7. Perfect! Thank you for making games like these accessible to people like me who have difficulty thinkering with the PCSX2 settings (although I am getting a lot better at it now). For me the gameplay (including the graphics) of the getaway is not as important as the whole story. The gameplay is unforgiving and clunky, thank (the emulator) God for save states. So my priority, in this game at least, was to get the cutscenes near perfect. And play through the game as fast as possible to get, like Neil said, that Guy Richy feeling that makes this game so good to me.
  8. I see what you mean. For me the Vu 2 (Inc other settings) was the only way to make it work near perfect. I guess the emulator responds different to each independent rig (?). Alsothis game was not playable/watchable at all in the beginning. So both your screens are already way better then the results I was having in the beginning. Seeing I struggled a lot on my own to make this game playable and also seeing others struggle in the past on other sites. I would go for a safe bet and but the Vu stealing at a minimum, check the 8-bit texture and mark it yellow, so someone in the future has a reasonable start to this game and could configure it further on their own. Or do you find that it is not playable enough?
  9. Hi again, I just completed a full play through of the Getaway. And it was almost perfect. Some pop-ups in big open spaces while driving around which annoyed me. But the cutscenes are near perfect for me. And the rest of the gameplay also. Steady 60 FPS through out all gameplay and cutscenes. The only way I could achieve steady cutscenes was through VU stealing (VU+2, and EE-3). It had no bad side effects during the entire play trough of the Getaway. I had to turn on 8-Bit Textures because of a weird bug. While driving police cars the tail lights would not work properly. Seeing this is a no hud game and the tail lights are the only way to navigate trough the city it was a big issue. The only way to fix the tail light was by either switching to software rendering or turning on the 8-bit textures. On a side note. The NTCS-version is the one to go with. In the Pal Version I kept running into graphical issues. I hope this helps people who want to run this (story wise) great game in the future. These are the settings I ended up with. Thanks @Zombeaver and especially @alec100_94 for putting me on the right track. I would not have gotten this game running almost perfectly otherwise.
  10. In SSX3 if you go down about half way on the first track I run into a weird blue filter that looks like a draw distance issue. I found a solution posted by someone a few years ago on Reddit and it works for me. It goes away by setting CRC Hack Level to: Aggressive. If it also works for you maybe it could be implemented in the downloadable config.
  11. I am already using the pal version. Your last configuration is absolutely playable and watchable, although I am having the same shadow issues as I mentioned I am having with the riskier VU +3 setting I was using. So at the moment the shadows in both configs for me are big and square, but the cutscenes and gameplay is near flawless with VU +3. This makes the game absolutely playable for me. I will start with the riskier profile (VU +3) and if I encounter game breaking issues I can go back to VU 0, EE-3. And maybe there is a way to get rid of the goofy shadow. Again I really appreciate the time you are putting in this to help me out. @Zombeaver I hope you are ok with us discussing this game here?
  12. Ok this made me chuckle because I am now having real success with all your last settings and VU Stealing to max 3. The cut scene is near flawless, so is the chase scene with the car. Only problem I have now is a big square shadow when exiting the car. But the gameplay is normal. In advanced settings and hacks setting, checking the disable depth emulation almost makes the square shadow disappear, but also creates a random artefact in the background every now and then, so i turned it off.
  13. That is the feeling I have too, even with software rendering I saw a weird hand movement, but only once. And I did have a near flawless one with your settings, but also only once or twice. Strange.
  14. @alec100_94 I cannot get it to run without some big glitches in the cut scenes, gameplay wise it is perfect but this game is very much dependant on the story so I guess i will go for quantity over quality and switch back software rendering. And by the way I never use Shadowplay, I only turned it on so I could send you a recording of my screen. But I will be using screentogif for that now . The only reason I have geforce experience installed is to use an app called moonlight, very usefull for streaming games to other devices. Thanks for helping me out on this one, I learned a lot about the internal settings from you and @Zombeaver, which will definitely help me set up other games.
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