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  1. Some of that you can already do. Click the drop-down menu on the left side of LaunchBox and select [Games Missing Media].
  2. It could indeed be the audio device used. Laptops utilize the onboard audio chip when using the laptop speakers. When switching to HDMI out, you must also switch to the HDMI audio device in Windows.
  3. Yeah... It probably wasn't a good idea to binge watch Bassie en Adriaan before watching The Matrix. All I can think now, maybe Bassie is The One. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Dreamcast games should be unpacked before launching. Bios files must be placed in the system\dc folder, still zipped. Dreamcast games usually come in bin/gdi, bin/cue or cdi format. Naomi games are zip or zip/chd and should not be unpacked before launching. (If you unpack a zipped naomi game, it would contain romfiles with names like epr-21868.ic7.)
  4. You need to set up m2emulator with a fullscreen resolution your display accepts. So maybe you use a resolution that works on your laptop screen, but doesn't on your tv. (via HDMI)
  5. You need dc_boot.bin and place it in the RetroArch\system\dc folder. Look HERE for more information about the bios files you need (and the Flycast core in general). Also, if your Dreamcast game is compressed with zip, you need to extract the zip before launching. And make sure your games work in RetroArch directly before adding them to LaunchBox. Are you sure you actually have a Dreamcast game? Sega Naomi is the equivalent arcade hardware and shares a lot of the same games with the Dreamcast.
  6. This seems correct. When you press the button you have entered under "Close the Active Window", LaunchBox sends a virtual key press of the Escape key for emulators that close with Escape natively. TeknoParrot should close with Escape natively. In the TeknoParrot settings make sure that "Confirmation prompt on exit" is unticked. And that "Global Hotkeys > Exit Game Key" shows the virtual-key code: 0x1B. 0x1B = Escape. If this still does not work, you can try the following and see if it makes a difference: - Disable Startup- / Shutdown screen for your game or TeknoParrot in general. - Check if you run TeknoParrot with Admin rights. --> Run TeknoParrot as normal.
  7. Recently the PS3 XMB (XrossMediaBar), the PS3's user interface, started (partially) working in RPCS3. As of yet you can't launch games from the XMB and only PSN games show up. I expect full functionality will be implemented in future updates. But it may be fun to tinker around with it a little. - Update RPCS3 to the latest version. - First get the XMB working in RPCS3 directly. Download the latest PS3 firmware from Sony's website and install in RPCS3. (RPCS3 > File > Install Firmware.) Then, File > Boot VSH/XMB. - In launchBox add vsh.self, found in rpcs3\dev_flash\vsh\module, as a rom file to your Playstation 3 platform. More information about the XMB in RPCS3 here: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/rv3kzb/rpcs3_vshxmb_now_booting_on_the_master_build/
  8. Once I had stability issues myself. My pc would randomly BSOD. Sometimes once a week, sometimes twice a day. I had this issue for two years. Turned my pc inside out. Did a fresh install of windows. Reinstalled drivers more than once. Run memtest for 12 hours. Moved drives to different SATA connectors. Down clock my CPU. Etc.. Nothing worked. Until one day I thought it could be the SATA cable to my system drive. Changed the cable and, Yes. Perfectly stable ever since. Sometimes the cause of stability issues is something trivial like a dodgy SATA cable. You could try removing your GPU drivers with DDU. https://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3847 and then installing the most recent one.
  9. Some other options: 1.) Run a Windows system integrity check. Open a command- or powershell window with admin rights and enter: sfc /scannow 2.) In the LaunchBox\Updates folder, install your last update over your current build. Be careful to install to the LaunchBox folder and not LaunchBox\LaunchBox (a double folder). Also check if you are on the latest LaunchBox version (that your license permits). 3.) From your LaunchBox\Updates folder, install LaunchBox to a second location on your PC. Preferably on a different drive. Add some games and emulators. If your second installation does not crash, you know something is wrong with your current build. If it does crash you have to look further. In all honesty, I rarely read about LaunchBox or BigBox crashing or rebooting a PC and I never experienced it myself. It's more likely to be either a corruption in your current LaunchBox build, or a Windows or hardware issue.
  10. I just added After Burner to LaunchBox (12.6). For me images download and display just fine. I don't use themes though. The LaunchBox DB ID must show #6236. If it doesn't click the red square with the cross and click "Search for Metadata" again. After that go to Media > Images and click "Download Media" in the bottom right corner.
  11. Have you refreshed your images in both BigBox and LaunchBox?
  12. Make sure that in LaunchBox > Tools > Manage > Emulators > RetroArch, the checkbox "Extract ROM archives before running" is unticked.
  13. Not to mention, do your games run in RetroArch directly? If they don't, there's no point in troubleshooting LaunchBox yet.
  14. This is necessary because LaunchBox pulls metadata from mame.exe. Metadata RetroArch doesn't have. I do not use RetroArch for Mame emulation, so I can't help you much. But this is important: - The games must run in RetroArch first. - Make sure that in LaunchBox > Tools > Manage > Emulators > RetroArch, "Extract ROM archives before running" is unticked and that in the "Associated Platforms" tab, everything is set up properly. - All games must be set to use RetroArch as the emulator. You need to tell Mame standalone the location of your roms. Either via the Mame gui > Configure Options > Configure Directories > Roms, or by editing mame.ini. Yes, this is a hard requirement.
  15. That is not enough. During import you told LaunchBox to use Mame standalone for your games. You have to select all your games (ctrl + a) and bulk edit the emulator to RetroArch. Make sure that in LaunchBox > Tools > Manage > Emulators > RetroArch, "Extract ROM archives before launching" is unticked. But do your games run when launched in RetroArch directly?
  16. Have you selected all your games to use RetroArch rather than Mame standalone?
  17. ๐Ÿ‘Great! Leave all your sorrows in 2021. Have a nice new-year!
  18. I'm on the latest version of LaunchBox (12.6) and for me video snaps show up in the Emumovies tab. Let me stress you need a paid Emumovies membership. A free account won't suffice.
  19. The LaunchBoxDB does not offer video snaps. For Emumovies they're only available with a paid membership.If you have a paid membership for Emumovies, make sure you have entered your credentials in LaunchBox > Tools > Options > Integrations > Emumovies.
  20. Put the command-line argument in the Epic Games Launcher itself. This requires you to launch your game via the Epic Games Launcher url. (Like when you have imported your games from the Epic Games importer into LaunchBox or use the shortcut created by the Epic Games Launcher.) Open the Epic Games Launcher > Left click your gamer tag (in the upper right corner) > Settings > Scroll down to "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" > Expand > Tick "Additional Command-line Arguments" > Enter -nolauncher in the field below. See my screenshot as an example for Borderlands 2. *Edit* To clarify, if done this way, you don't need to add command-line arguments to LaunchBox. Also: Now I understand your question. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is free on the Epic Games Store. ๐Ÿ˜ (All three Tomb Raider games are.)
  21. No problem. Glad you got everything sorted out. Like you said, there are many bad or old bios dumps out there. And if the documentation lists the MD5 checksum, it makes it a lot easier to find the correct one. You just have to know what you are looking for!
  22. https://www.lifewire.com/validate-md5-checksum-file-4037391 But if you copy / paste the MD5 checksum from the documentation pages I linked into google, you are guaranteed to find the correct bioses. After downloading check if the files have the correct name according to the documentation. Then place the bios files in the "RetroArch\system" folder.
  23. @RaiderX1212 Don't forget what I wrote here. This is very important.
  24. From the documentation pages you can copy / paste the MD5 checksum into google. You will find the correct bioses.
  25. Beetle Saturn documentation Genesis Plus GX documentation In the core options of both cores, for "System Region", you must choose "Auto" or "Auto Select". *Edit* To be clear. The bios files do have to be named exactly as described in the documentation. Even the MD5 checksums must match.
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