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  1. You could try https://www.screenscraper.fr/
  2. Brilliant work, you appear to be missing Mortal Kombat Trilogy though. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/7969
  3. There is this one on screenscraper.fr
  4. I found that one as a clear logo png online, still low resolution though
  5. You could use Skraper: http://skraper.net/
  6. Any chance you can do Maupiti Island? There's two wheel types (I believe it is region differences) but one has the French flag on it, would like it without. This will cover both Amiga and MS-DOS versions.
  7. Any chance for the Commodore CDTV? Gorgeous videos btw, thanks for doing them.
  8. I've been putting together rear boxart for this collection and thought I'd share the result. I have cropped and resized them for my pi, a few aren't as good quality as others though. Sega Mega Drive Japan Back Boxart.zip
  9. Any chance Robin55 and aorin1 you can work your magic and make a box and cart for Tanglewood?
  10. Awesome work, noticed though one of the logos is wrong. Raiden Densetsu ~ Raiden Trad (Japan, USA) has the logo for Rainbow Islands Extra (Japan).
  11. Any chance of getting these Mega Drive Japan games please?
  12. Just noticed this, sorry. I use Attract Mode on a Pi 3B+ (waiting for some good progress on the Pi 4 before upgrading) so, and I hope this doesn't ruffle feathers, I only use Launchbox to help collect missing artwork. I currently use the Retroplay .lha WHDLoad collection with Amiberry, so these are the ones missing from that. I take out demos and foreign language games though as I won't play them. I think a good few of these are independent releases or even games launched after the Amiga's lifespan. I'm not sure if these should be added to the database or not, happy to try add them though if I should.
  13. These are amazing, thank you very much!
  14. Big ask here seaview59, these are some more wheels I'm missing from the Amiga .lha collection I have if you don't mind helping. The big ask is I can only find screenshots for these games.
  15. That logo is there for the MS-DOS version here: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/85533 Think there's a few variations of the Commando logo.
  16. That looks really nice, given the quality of the source material. Is that quite time consuming though? Don't mind pixelated either, I can remove backgrounds but don't know anywhere near enough to redraw or fix any damage/missing bits so everything you do is amazing to me.
  17. Would you mind doing that with Denjoy to see how it looks?
  18. Thank you for your great work! I'm trying to get all the wheels for my Amiga WHDLoad collection, for some though there aren't even boxes. Can you do much with title screens? They will be low res, one game called Denjoy gives very little to work with, I'll attach a screenshot so you can see what I mean.
  19. Thanks again. I have another two, for one I found a really high resolution scan. There is a wheel for the US version of Star Flight but not Europe.
  20. Great work as always! Any chance to get this one? Edit: Actually have another request too.
  21. The boxart for the Amiga, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum versions are the same, so the wheel art would cover all 3 systems. I posted the rear art as I thought it'd make a better wheel how the words are bundled together a bit more, should've explained that apologies.
  22. On the subject of Dizzy, any chance to get a wheel for this one?
  23. Apologies, I checked everywhere but the actual database.
  24. Found another Amiga game that appears to not have a wheel for it.
  25. Any chance to get this one? Unreleased SNES game that has been dumped recently.
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