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  1. Thats really cool! Sorry to not give the best answer here. I don't have one of these cabs (or any cab lol) but I do know that Launchbox needs windows to run. I don't believe this cabinet runs windows. I did see a video on YouTube just now where someone booted into that coinops front end through a USB. Maybe you can set up a windows thumb drive to somehow boot from and install LB on it. Good luck man! See if this helps you idk
  2. Just added a review. Awesome theme! One tiny thing I noticed is that the Capcom playlists logo is cut off a bit on the edges. I gave you these logos so that may have been my bad. Anyway, I attached those capcom logos without the edges cut. Also, yes I will be releasing my logos soon as it's own separate download on the forums here. I'm still wrapping up and double checking them. Capcom Logos.zip
    A polished theme with a lot of attention to detail. Thimolar nailed it with this theme! Thimolar is an excellent contributor to the Launchbox community and truly listened to advice from all the people in the themes thread. It just got better and better and I'd say it's easily one of the best themes ever created! This theme is a must download!
  3. Take your time man! Looks good!
    Awesome work faeran! This theme is more than just a proof of concept. It's a great theme!
  4. Theme works correctly after compiling the creator files myself. It surely was on my end. Theme looks super good. Can't wait to see the wall views!
  5. Wow that's amazing! I'll have to play around with these settings. Very Cool. Thanks for that info.
  6. For the record, this theme runs great for me! Really smooth! Incredibly smoother than any of the older wall views for sure. I see that moving up and down on wall views always moves your selection vertically centered. It would be cool if a wall could stay still until you get nearer to the top or bottom of the visible area. I imagine if a theme has 5 rows showing at one time and you're in the center 3 rows it won't scroll until you push past those up or down. That's probably a deeper limitation I would imagine. It works super great as is though. I'm just just curious if that's even possible.
  7. I absolutely am man! The logos have just taken 10 times longer than I expected. I'm a bit of a perfectionist at times. I have thought about releasing it in parts as I finish them all but I thought it'd be simpler just to wait and release it as one pack.
  8. Dude! This looks insane faeran! Excellent job! Proof of concept undersells this theme. It's a full theme in its own right and better looking than many previous themes on this forum. I'm so glad these new wall views are here! Thanks for your work on this! Also, on a personal note, Thanks for those theme streams you did a while back. I got into this whole theme developer scene because I stumbled upon the ArtBook one. I haven't released any theme yet (lol) but those peaked my interest and taught me a lot. Currently I have been slaving over these new platform logos for months (gasp!) b
  9. I don't blame you thimolor. That would be a ton of work to edit all your other themes. I would encourage you to leave the other themes on here but I understand what you mean. You get better the more and more you do something like this. Your graphic design skills have gotten better and this theme shows that. Again, I appreciate all the hard work on this. I am excited at the potential of these new wall view abilities and this will be a perfect theme to show off that feature. Side note: I still can't get the gradients and icons to show up for me. I know it is on my end but still...why
  10. Weird, I didn't edit any theme files. I'll play around later with the update you sent me and try and get to the bottom of this. Thanks!
  11. Hey thimolor, I finally got some time to look at the theme in Big Box. It seems slightly different than what I remember. Namely the gradients and drop shadows that helped separate the major sections of each screen seem to be absent. Looking at your screenshots from earlier posts on this thread, maybe my system isn't loading the theme correctly. I'm running the latest updates to my knowledge and I'm running it at 4k 3840x2160 at 225% scaling for Windows. I circled that little number 2 on my screenshot. Is that supposed to be the number of players? It didn't land in the right position som
  12. Awesome to hear about wall view improvements! That's been a wish of mine for a while! Thanks Jason for your hard work!
  13. I tried to come up with a critique and nothing came to me! The changes you've made make sense. As long as you don't do any drastic changes you're golden! I enjoy your other themes but this is your magnum opus. I just realized I never sent you my Sega CD Logo somehow. I drew the logo earlier but it got overlooked amongst all my files. It's quite accurate I believe. I've included my version of it here if you want it. Sega CD.7z
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