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  1. One thing that's confused me in the past is jpg vs jpeg. It only accepts jpg files. That could be a factor.
  2. Incredibly late to open a dead thread here...if you use photoshop and are trying to upscale your screenshots to a higher resolution but want to retain the original pixels. You need to export with the setting nearest neighbor (aka integer scaling) and enter a round percentage number of it scaling like 500% etc. The reason to add some increase in resolution in the first place is that Launchbox makes very low resolution images look blurry. That smoothing is useful for low res box art and fan art but not for 160x144 game boy screen shots where you want to retain all the sharp pixels. Also a PSA to anyone who reads this, dont take screenshots at higher internal resolutions in the emulator for 3d games. Preserve how it was intended to look.
  3. I just read the list of changes to this release. I have wanted that automatic rom import for years. Awesome!
  4. If you mean replace them all at once in their default locations that's an interesting thought. Like essentially merging all the folders with the existing folders in the users LB setup? It might be possible but has some potential issues. If you rename platforms or have custom platforms (like I have a Sega Saturn Japan platform) this wouldn't work for any of those. I would have to have a separate drag and drop set based solely on default platform names exactly (which is close to what it already is). But you'd have to remove all the platforms that you don't want a folder for or just live with some clutter that is unused. I never thought about it like that. I'll consider it.
    2.0 is a major improvement. Much more realistic and better quality. Thanks @ABeezy13!
  5. You can just use them as the platform banner image. That's one way. I don't foresee a controller image type coming but who knows
    You are insane. What great work. Thanks as always. I don't know if anyone else would have ever done this!
  6. Excited to see the game discovery center. Sounds fun!
  7. Oh I see. You're exactly right! Many more accuracy improvements are to come. I am going through the collection carefully with multiple references and even creating little example mock ups of fixes and then bringing those to Snowway22 to work his magic. It's a lot of work just finding, describing and showing him the accuracy issues let alone him actually fixing the issues. He's been doing amazing work and I know there's more to come. Good catch!
  8. Jason that stream was a real success and a pleasure to watch. I've had so much fun with LaunchBox. I loved hearing about all the weird stuff I never knew about. There is nothing else out there like LB with the constant updates and it's own database etc. What an accomplishment. The updates keep getting better and better and we greatly appreciate those many long hours the team puts in. Can't wait to see where it goes from here. Also big Shoutout to @y2guru for the theme creator as it's been one of the main reasons I've gotten way more into contributing.
    Good idea to make these. Gives a lot more context to the games seeing their entire system. Nicely done.
    Great work as always Abeezy! High quality images. If you want more raw resources for SNES boxes and carts be sure to check out this google drive. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ej48NB99R4K3KbaIBEPPdrafq4j6ywcR https://www.retrorgb.com/600dpi-snes-box-cart-pcb-scans-found.html That collection is a full US library of Boxes and Cart scans at 600dpi. Thanks! Wouldn't mind seeing a lot of these enter the LB Database at some point. Good stuff!
  9. If I do another update soon it will be smaller and not enough to warrant a 3.0. It would be a 2.2. A comment from the reddit post: v2.1 I redrew every consoles logo for emulation frontends (500+ hours of work) (4k and vectors) : emulation (reddit.com) mentioned that the famicom and super famicom logos aren't exact to the original box designs. The famicom logo even says classic mini above it in japanese which is obviously inaccurate. Adding those original versions for those 2 platforms is the only planned addition as of now. If you have others you want, feel free to request them and we'll see.
  10. Thanks! Maybe retry the download? If its smaller than the size it should be then it's not finished or became corrupt due to lack of connection or maybe an LB server glitch or something. Should be nothing wrong with the file once downloaded correctly. If you still have trouble, you can also try the download from the archive.org link here: Console Logos Professionally Redrawn + Official Versions : Dan Patrick : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
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