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  1. Thanks for your help - I overcome my button setup by using the following layout: 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 so its set up for 6 button games and neo-geo layout respectively. I have another question you might be able to help me with - with the mod is there a particular model of stick or buttons I need? or are they pretty interchangable? Thanks Bucksta :)
  2. Afternoon All, I'm starting to build my setup (again - i tried about a year ago lol) and i am running Launchbox to rocketlauncher to retroarch mame (for example) I have just received a Mayflash Arcade Fightstick 101 (and have another on the way) - it works well but I may decide to mod it in the future with some sanwa buttons & stick. my question is, with this setup whats the easiest way to setup alternative control schemes / button layouts for example by platform for CPS 1/2/3 games Vs Neo Geo games. and what are the steps I should take? (I'm finding the fact I'm essentially using 4 programs (some not very user friendly - especially for noobs!) quite confusing trying to get the config all to work!) Many thanks in advance for your help! bucksta my soundcloud:
  3. Thanks for your help! now I just need to decide what transitions i want for everything......
  4. dont worry I got it,... had to set both to vertical wheel 2 and game wheel 2... . doh
  5. Hi I've tried changing the view and still it looks like the default theme with a random background image for the platform... i've attached my settings and front screen if anyone can see whats wrong? Thanks
  6. thanks guys - I ended up just letting LB download the artwork, and dropped the mame videoclips into a \LaunchBox\Videos\Arcade\Theme\videosnaps\ folder which work fine with the file names as the ROM name.
  7. Hey - my second noob post.... hope someone can help! if I select the CriticalZone skin, nothing changes from the default skin, the only difference is that the platform videos which were set as background videos do not show at all... am I doing something wrong or how do I fix it? Thanks :)
  8. ok cool - I think that gives me enough info to mess around and get it all how i want thanks for your help!
  9. Thanks guys two more questions sorry, if launchbox has already downloaded screenshots/flyeres etc online, and I drop another into the folder, would it just use the first one it finds? presumably the LB file will be named after the game and the mame file will be named after the rom. what effect will the regional subfolders (eg. asia/europe)_ have on this? can i just drop the mame ones into the main folder?
  10. thanks for your response, I have the Roms in their own Roms folder, if I download a batch of Mame images and video clips, what is the easiest way to implement these straight into launchbox? is there a simple drag and drop approach into the launchbox images and video folders respectively or will I need to mess about with the file structures? edit: also can I just leave them named as per the mame roms?
  11. if i fully populate my mame installation, does launchbox pull the artwork, screenshots, video clips etc from here as well as online?
  12. I also have this issue - and for some reason I have no videos at all with WMP
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