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  1. 16 hours ago, JoeViking245 said:

    (Please don't take this the wrong way) Have you?

    What I found with apfimag is that once MAME starts it, you need to press the keyboards Enter key (vs apfimag's  ]  key (which is their Enter key) first.  Then  cload ]  (which \n works in this case but not for the 1st Enter key press).  Next you need to load/run the tape  (F2).  Then when that's done comes   run ]   (again,  \n  works for the "]" keystroke).

    It was just an idea to try , i dont use mame to emulate APF , i use VAPF emu & vapf.txt to automate the loading process

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  2. 19 minutes ago, mcfilmmakers said:

    AS I mentioned on Sunday, I got this to work. I was wondering though, is there a way to get mame to autoplay the tape?

    have you tried :   apfimag -autoboot_delay 4 -autoboot_command "cload\n\nrun\n\n" -cart basic -cass

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  3. Retrorama Revisited 3D Clear Logo pack 1

    View File

    Based on @PhillsDoodles amazing artwork & @viking silver ring.

    This is my 3D homage to a brilliant artist. So sad he left , but he was getting crap from people who wanted to use his artwork without his permission on builds & removing his name.

    All Original artwork is the property of @PhillsDoodles , i mearly jazzed it up a bit ;) 1233591417_commodoreamiga.thumb.png.fb8e4c8341762ffcccc6b98aaeb10946.png1932212002_amstradcpc.thumb.png.7c043969fd5634db029f66ecc57d7866.pngarcade.thumb.png.801ed4c1472a2935e72b40198de6e4e1.png1767076745_atari800.thumb.png.67cdfa91a5b3e66f5fc47d8f60f7a4bb.png451210211_atari2600.thumb.png.8c81a137103ce2a3e188a08d117df896.png605521914_atari5200.thumb.png.ba476587b9a94db78e1b7689e8087f25.png22972607_atari7800.thumb.png.a25cb05cc0f4dc4bf7a915d9de094f59.png932663998_atarilynx.thumb.png.d275664f1e396bf71d77317cc8e957bc.png1570287093_atarist.thumb.png.f38c985f649f224bcf02a802dfeb8557.png1284538985_capcomcps1.thumb.png.5dbdc2f57dc8e62d23c844065e0304c3.png


  4. If you don't know the system that well then I always look through an online manual for the basic load commands , so for example Zx spectrum would be Load""

                     Commodore 64 would be load"*",8,1 (for disk)

                      Amstrad cpc  would be |tape (return)

                                                                 Run" (return)   For cassette      

                                                                |DIR  (return)

                                                                 Run"<filename>   Usually a *.bas file .... for disk



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