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  1. Oh, yes that worked. Strange that its different for different games then..... but anyway, thanks for your help.
  2. Yay, it worked. Thank you. On a different note... I noticed that I can't access the ScummVM menu with F5 when I play games that are not made by LucasArts. Do you by any chance know if this is simply how it is or if there is something wrong with my particular version of ScummVM? Sorry for going OT
  3. I suspected as much. Hold on, I'm gonna try that now. I'll get back to you in a moment.
  4. Wait a minute... before I do that, I have to ask.. I just noticed there are two different folders for ScummVM for some reason. Which folder is the correct folder to put ScummVMLauncher.exe? (1) C:\Users\*MYUSERNAME*\LaunchBox\ScummVM or (2) C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ScummVM Because I've put everything, the launchers folder and the ScummVMLauncher.exe, into the second one. Does it make any difference? The emulator I set up in Launchbox is directed to your executable file in the second one too.
  5. Yes I did put the ScummVMlauncher.exe in the same directory as ScummVM.exe, and the emulator in Launchbox is directed to that file as well. The launchers are in their own folder.
  6. Didn't work for me. I followed every step of the setup-instructions, and the launchers imported into Launchbox just fine... however, when I try to run them, nothing happens´╗┐
  7. Perfect, that did it! Thank you for your help ^^ It was not a premium feature.
  8. Never mind... it just took a while for the covers to update in LB. And switching off the metadata ID did help in unlocking the coverart. I seem to be helping myself a lot today. ^^
  9. Another question that is relevant to this topic... when it comes to the SNES, is there any way to change from the default North American cover art to the PAL covers quickly? If you have, let's say 200+ games and you wanted them all to be displayed with the european covers instead... it would be very tedious work to do it manually one by one. I tried removing the folders for the respective region in the images directory, but that didn't work. And some games... annoyingly... respawn images that I have already removed from the detail information, quite spontaneously... Goof Troop even refused to change when I had removed everything, like every single image... I pushed OK and it just reverted back to the original cover anyway. Frustrating.
  10. I appreciate the pointers thanks a bunch
  11. Yeah, I am just figuring that out ^^ I never really assumed it was important to have all files either zipped or unzipped as the emulatoirs usually could play them in both states anyway. Now I am a little wiser though thank you.
  12. Gotcha! ^^ I think I'm going to stick with extracting them manually. I like to maintain order myself.
  13. Huh..... again... a problem that solved itself........ what happened was, as soon as I had posted here, I realized that there was one thing I hadn't tried yet, but because why would that work? ... Unzipping the archived files.......... No, of course not... couldn't be anything as silly as that... I mean, WHDLoad files for Amiga work in zipped mode in Launchbox, and the fact that the emulator proper can play the zipped files just makes it more implausible that THAT would be the issue; I'm sure it has nothing to do with- *WORKS* ....... ... Okay... so apparently, I have to unzip the files if they are to work in Launchbox. .. you learn something new everyday, I guess. Leaving this here so other people with the same problem may be helped.
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