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  1. With Japanese obscure stuff, I often get great results searching in Japanese on Google, you don't need to know how to read Japanese, just by copy/pasting it on google will return something interesting, this one isn't in HQ, but should work until a HQ scan can be found. For example, I used the SegaRetro 大封神伝 Japanese name and I was able to find somethings: Daihoushinden (Japan)
  2. It was my first project ever I worked on, back in 2015 on the Hyperspin forums, it turned out quite nice for a first effort, good memories. Now that you mention it, I remember most assets I took to make the bordered logos were taken directly from the game isos, if anyone would like to create clear logos with better quality for this set, this is the best place to get source arts from, much like PS3 games, when you open a ISO (the installed PSN game structure is basically the same as the ISO content) using winrar, for example, there you'll find banners, backgrounds, with some luck, maybe ev
  3. I used the emulator to take snapshots from, since the Satellaview games don't have any physical material, the logos were extracted from inside the games themselves, that's where the pixelation comes from. They look fine though, different from other logos, even those games that were released in physical copies elsewhere, like Arkanoid and others were extracted this way, so they are consistent. Nice to know there are more games, I believe there are something like 100 SV games, maybe a little more?
  4. The box used the amazing action script Robin sent me the other day, the cart is a template from the HS forums. Tanglewood (World) (Unl)
  5. Looking great! For those who'd like to try it out, I'm attaching my remap file, it basically maps the right analog to shoot in the direction you point it to, this game was created with this concept, so it uses the 6 button gamepad, B shoots down, X up, two buttons will shoot diagonal, etc., so with this remap, you don't have to worry about it, if you use Retroarch, just put this file in Retroarch\config\remaps\Genesis Plus GX, it should load the remap file automatically, otherwise, load this file manually. Xeno Crisis (World) (Unl).rmp
  6. Haha I know it sounded like a demand or something, but it's not! Now what you think of them without the gloss effect? I really feel they hurt the artwork depending on the themes we use. Anyway, you're a machine, your contributions are always top quality, I really enjoy your work.
  7. Thanks a lot Robin, really appreciated! Just one more thing though, the gloss effect may look cool at first, but it really should be optional if the user would like it or not, maybe adding a batch to the pack so the user could add it if he/she wanted it. I prefer them without this effect since it washes out the color and the overall artwork. I still have your other packs without it and they are the best.
  8. Hey man, can you check the width of the 32X boxes, their borders are much wider than the real ones, look: https://www.ebay.com/c/1301563879?iid=303278823188
  9. Improving an already superb work, can't thank you enough, this is gold!
  10. Blazing Heroes (USA) is a re-release of Mystaria - The Realms of Lore (USA), this was a copyright issue back in the day. I played this game as Mystaria and would like having the box for it as well. Here's the link for more info and covers. https://segaretro.org/Mystaria:_The_Realms_of_Lore
  11. The box master is back again, thanks!
  12. It was much faster than I thought. Again, thanks for the contributions. Do we have Nihon Daihyou Team no Kantoku ni Naruu! Sekaihatsu Soccer RPG (Japan) somewhere? I couldn't find its box anywhere in the pack.
  13. No hurry at all! I remember checking that Saturn has more than 1000 Japanese titles alone. Let me know if I can help somehow.
  14. SegaRetro is an amazing site for sources. They're looking great man, thanks a lot!
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