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  1. I dodged a bullet then since all images, videos, themes, etc. are stored inside LB's default folder structure. It's only the roms and emulators that have their own path (which means my setup isn't portable but that's another story).
  2. Thanks, I figured this would need some manual intervention. Luckily I don't have too many emulators set up currently so the the process should be relatively straightforward.
  3. I suppose I need to use the search function more.
  4. I would like to clean up my rom collection which means moving around a bunch of files. Can anyone think of an easy way to bulk-edit file paths in Launchbox so that I don't break my entire setup?
  5. Looking great, thanks a lot! Is there anywhere to view your Hitman, Elder Scrolls and God of War collection videos?
  6. I very much doubt it is the plug-in when it works for the majority. The poster above has advised that it works as intended on a new install which all but confirms that it is set-up related. Especially if you had it running in the past.
  7. They're just the standard images that are being pulled from the Launchbox database. Example: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/102423 The box art is only 828 x 1160 pixels. Still, they all appear much larger than the Time Crisis cover and I have no idea why. As a test, I downloaded this poster off the internet and it fills the space correctly. I'm at a loss mate.
  8. @sucramjd I have one more question if you don't mind me asking. The media pack you provided is absolutely beautiful, however the box art seems very small in comparison to other games. Please see below screenshot. Is that by design?
  9. You legend, thanks so much for the quick fix. Works like a charm now.
  10. That's nuts! I had no idea this game was dumped - didn't think it possible. Will try right now, thanks! Now if only Time Crisis 2 (my favourite) was playable on MAME. The PS2 version on PCSX2 is decent but the arcade version is still the best.
  11. Could someone please confirm the downgrade procedure to 11.2? I take it that LB has moved to the 'Core' folder as of 11.3. Do I select this folder when running the 11.2 installer? Or do I go back to the parent folder like it used to be? Will there be any complications later down the track when I inevitably upgrade again? For now, I have no choice but to stay on 11.2 until plugins have been fixed, specifically PCSX2 Configurator.
  12. @alec100_94 Speaking of the in-development version, where does one download the latest? Is it on the AppVeyor page?
  13. Not written for me either.. What custom command line are you using?
  14. This came out of nowhere! Love the Time Crisis series so thank you! Any chance for Time Crisis 2 and 3 at some point? Or even Crisis Zone? Also, I was under the assumption that Namco ES3 emulation doesn't exist yet?
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