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  1. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/64245-launchbox-wont-download-gameplay-videos-from-emu-movies/?do=findComment&comment=396980 So it is LB after all? Should we disable Emumovies in the meantime?
  2. This might just be coincidence but having updated to 12.4 on two separate machines I cannot scrape from EmuMovies. Stuck at 'querying'. Launchbox Database is fine. Are the servers down or did something happen with the newest release?
  3. I tried importing Battlefield 2042 (purchased on EA Play). LB picks up the game on Origin but ends up with the wrong launcher file after import (installerdata.xml). Manually assigning the .exe opens the EA Play launcher but not the game. Games managed by Origin work flawlessly. Any idea?
  4. Bumping because it appears Origin will soon be superseded by EA Play. Perhaps now is a good time to look into it?
  5. No worries, thanks again for the explanation. And thanks for a stellar theme!
  6. Great thanks for confirming. One more thing - is there a way to separate Platform and Playlist views (i.e. make them independent from one another)?
  7. Great work, mate! Quick one - which platform videos do you use? Whatever I download (including Viking's videos) is either cropped or stretched on Platform Wheel 2. Edit: My bad, I missed it in the description. I mistakenly assumed the platform videos are meant to be 4:3. Am I right to assume it relies on cropped 16:9?
  8. That's more like it! I totally did not realise there was such an option. Thanks.
  9. Could someone please guide me on how to bulk edit file paths? I would like to clean up my library and move all roms to the Launchbox directory.
  10. Not true. I just did so myself and it works as intended. Must be an isolated case.
  11. Would you know what might be causing this? It's as though startup, shut-down and pause themes have all stopped working simultaneously. Never had an issue prior. I'm restoring a back up image to hopefully fix it..
  12. Ok, that's not all. Pause Screen no longer works either. Something is borked. Reinstalling previous versions doesn't help - can I reset it somehow?
  13. I checked both, neither works. In LB under Options I have them enabled, as is the case under Manage Emulators.
  14. Please help.. I am not sure when this first occurred but all of my startup/shutdown screens no longer work. It skips them entirely, regardless of platform. Any idea?
  15. I was about to ask when I saw you had already updated the skin. Legend.
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