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  1. I see, thanks. I will open a BitBucket as per your suggestion and go from there. Whilst I have you - in Big Box you can toggle an option to prioritise game music over the video (i.e. the video is muted and audio is replaced with the game soundtrack if available). Is that also possible on Launchbox as I cannot find the option?
  2. No need to apologise @viking I understand your concerns and the explanation makes perfect sense. I suppose one has to make compromises in life
  3. Having recently installed Viking's excellent Colorful theme I was hoping to replace game themes with video snaps in Big Box only. Options > Videos > Prioritize Game Themes is unchecked but it plays themes regardless despite there being both in the corresponding video folders. If I change video priorities in LB > Options > Media > Video Priorities and put video snaps at the top it works fine. However, this will override both LB and BB when I just want BB to show snaps. LB ideally continues to play themes. Is there anything I'm missing?
  4. I really, really love the design of this. Well done @viking If only there was a view to cater for 16:9 video content. Most of my files are carefully edited game themes that just don't look right when cropped to 4:3. I could download a bunch of game clips which would mostly alleviate the issue but themes are far superior to many of the low-res snaps available on Emumovies. Especially when viewed on a 4K display. Perhaps 16:9 content could be implemented as a transparent background? One can dream..
  5. I have over a dozen PS3 games in my Launchbox collection and this is the solution. Works every time.
  6. I noticed that during the import process EmuMovies no longer has options for Gameplay and/or Video Themes. Games that previously imported a theme will no longer do so when deleting and re-importing. Did EmuMovies change the way they operate? EDIT: I just checked my EmuMovies profile and it says I am a Basic member even though I had recently paid for a yearly subscription? How would I go about rectifying this?
  7. Wish I had known about that thread earlier. Good to know people are working to get those hard to run games to playable states. Also thanks for Killzone!
  8. @PaDeMoNiuM that would be great thanks. Spy playlist is looking good! I could imagine something similar with the Tom Clancy franchises being highlighted (Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, etc).
  9. Nice, I was hoping for that to be the case. No problem if it doesn't work out, can still manually set it up.
  10. Would anyone be willing to put together a Tom Clancy theme? There are dozens of games on several platforms to draw inspiration from which would make this an ideal fit.
  11. @Zombeaver it appears Primal is now finally playable at decent speeds in HW mode thanks to a custom Gsdx plugin as reported here (scroll down to prafull's post with instructions). Exciting! Video proof:
  12. @Jason Carr When LB associates an OBS file with the corresponding game is there a way for it to move the video instead of just copying it to the game's folder? As it stands, it will duplicate each recording so I have to remember to delete the original files in the OBS video folder. Also, do you know of a way to increase the recorded volume within OBS? I noticed that most of the downloaded game themes are significantly louder than my recordings which means lots of volume adjustments while browsing. Cheers!
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