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  1. Not gonna lie, some of these 60fps patches do look rather promising..
  2. @DOS76 @Jason Carr Hang on, this is interesting. Is there a particular way of importing multi-disc roms? Currently I am importing disc 1 as the main entry in LB, then proceed to select disc 2 as an additional app (manually). Is that not right? Sorry for taking this off-topic.
  3. I see, thanks. So for games with 2 discs only (one being the main game and the other set up as an additional app) it is not supposed to show?
  4. So this is random but not worth starting a thread for: what’s the parameters for the ‘multiple discs’ badge to show up in LB? For example, FF 8-10 on PS1 have the badge but MGS 1 (which comes on two discs) doesn’t. Do I need to tick anything for it to show?
  5. @CondoningIrony Recent changes in LB broke the original add-on. Uninstall (delete) the current version from your Plugins folder, grab the fixed version from here and re-install.
    Brilliant themes all along. The collection theme is the icing on the cake. Top notch!
  6. Currently have 4 games installed. Restarted both Uplay and LB to no avail. I suppose registry paths are my only option now.
  7. I’m at a loss. I’m running Uplay as we speak and none of the games were bought on Steam. What else could it be?
  8. That's the strange part @neil9000 - it simply doesn't ask for my credentials so I can't proceed. All other storefronts are working fine, it is only Uplay that doesn't want to play ball. I go through the steps and instead of asking me to log into my account it jumps straight to the screen where my games are supposed to show up. There is not even a Uplay section inside the options menu..
  9. Glad to hear that it's working for you now. Meanwhile, I'm still pulling my hair out over the Uplay import lol. I don't know why it isn't detecting any games, something must not be communicating properly. I ran Uplay prior to starting the import but it still doesn't connect with LB.
  10. Here you go mate. This is intended to be used with Windows 10. Once added as 'additional applications' on relevant games it automatically flicks HDR on and off. Let me know if you have any issues at all. HDR off.vbs HDR on.vbs
  11. I just updated to Beta 11 to try out Uplay and Origin integrations. Uplay is running but LB doesn't prompt me to sign in with my credentials. So no games are picked up at all during the import process. What am I missing? Origin works fine.
  12. I set up HDR scripts that I have to run manually before and after certain games because HDR isn't baked into their APIs. Having the additional apps show by right-clicking the game is a godsend and should stay the way it is. Makes switching between HDR/SDR much more efficient.
  13. Thanks @C-Beats Are there any plans to add badges for Windows (Xbox), Blizzard or Bethesda launchers at all? For anyone wondering - I recommend this GitHub page for Uplay IDs: https://github.com/Haoose/UPLAY_GAME_ID/blob/master/README.md And this for Steam: https://steamdb.info/apps/
  14. Interesting, so there seems to be some correlation at least. I have checked for duplicates and definitely no other Quake game in my collection.
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