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  1. Out of curiosity, have you tried some .pnach files with 60fps codes?
  2. Fair enough, I'm just saying that not everyone frequents all sub forums on this site. So if I posted my Big Box-related query into the Startup forums I wouldn't be surprised if no one replied to me..
  3. May I ask why this was posted in the Launchbox forum when there is a Pause Theme forum just below this one? You’ll have an easier time there given your request.
  4. Hi mate, are these the ones you get from syncing with emumovies? Or a different set?
  5. Interesting. I'm using the latest Nvidia drivers so it can't be related to that either. Windows is funny like that!
  6. Ok so the problem persisted even at 100% DPI (no scaling). I suppose something changed in the code?
  7. I hadn’t noticed in the past. Will try on the weekend and report back. If it was DPI-related is there anything that can be done?
  8. I actually have the same issue. Is this because my DPI is higher than 100% @CriticalCid?
  9. Thank you for Warhammer! Looking good. Would you be interested in the Medal of Honor series?
  10. Yes, I don't get it either. 😂
  11. Ok thanks. That’s what I meant (i.e. 16:9 videos have the sides cropped/hidden automatically by your theme). Appreciate the advice.
  12. Just to clarify - are the video snaps inside the platform folders cropped to 4:3? The game video themes, not the platform animations. What will happen to 16:9 game video themes?
  13. Howdy friend! This is great, thanks. Can I make a request for Warhammer: Vermintide 2?
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