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  1. It is no longer happening in this release, thank you Previously what used to happen is an image getting deleted if I changed its category. Let's assume I changed what was categorized as 'gameplay screenshot' into 'background fanart'. Rather than reassigning the new category to the file in question it would disappear completely on pressing OK.
  2. You can add me to the list of users having fanart deleted when using the Add/Edit Game screen.
  3. This one has me puzzled. I scraped Doom Eternal but every time I boot through LB it crashes the game on start-up. If I boot via Steam it works without issue. This is the only game exhibiting such behavior. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks mate. Turns out the Windows update was entirely unrelated. An older version of MSI Afterburner/RTSS prevented LB to launch. Updating this to the latest beta solved my problem.
  5. I updated to Windows version 20H2 and can no longer open LB or BB. The start up dialogue appears on screen but the application doesn't launch. I hadn't updated past LB 11.4 since I was without a GPU for a while. Any ideas?
  6. https://www.deviantart.com/framerater/art/Bandai-WonderSwan-PNG-806731906 https://favpng.com/png_view/playstation-playstation-vita-wonderswan-color-handheld-game-console-png/6FyJETns
    Mate, this is stellar work! Thank you so much. Are you planning on doing videos for other platforms?
  7. Do we get a neat little badge icon with that? Not able to test myself until later.
  8. I dodged a bullet then since all images, videos, themes, etc. are stored inside LB's default folder structure. It's only the roms and emulators that have their own path (which means my setup isn't portable but that's another story).
  9. Thanks, I figured this would need some manual intervention. Luckily I don't have too many emulators set up currently so the the process should be relatively straightforward.
  10. I suppose I need to use the search function more.
  11. I would like to clean up my rom collection which means moving around a bunch of files. Can anyone think of an easy way to bulk-edit file paths in Launchbox so that I don't break my entire setup?
  12. Looking great, thanks a lot! Is there anywhere to view your Hitman, Elder Scrolls and God of War collection videos?
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