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  1. Hello mate. What happened to your themes? The download pages are all gone?
  2. It was sarcasm, mate Much like Napalm’s post. Clearly I’m not good at this lol.
  4. Call me a snob but I absolutely must have the biggest screen currently available. 😬
  5. Thanks, Jason. The Galaxy S10 it is!
  6. Wanting to switch from iOS to Android and looking for the best emulation device that is also a decent phone. Thoughts on Galaxy S10+ vs Razer Phone 2?
  7. Doing God’s work my friend. Thank you so much. Now just need the PS1 and PS2 era games
  8. You champ! Thank you so much for doing these - it really means a lot!
  9. Out of curiosity, have you tried some .pnach files with 60fps codes?
  10. Fair enough, I'm just saying that not everyone frequents all sub forums on this site. So if I posted my Big Box-related query into the Startup forums I wouldn't be surprised if no one replied to me..
  11. May I ask why this was posted in the Launchbox forum when there is a Pause Theme forum just below this one? You’ll have an easier time there given your request.
  12. Hi mate, are these the ones you get from syncing with emumovies? Or a different set?
  13. Interesting. I'm using the latest Nvidia drivers so it can't be related to that either. Windows is funny like that!
  14. Ok so the problem persisted even at 100% DPI (no scaling). I suppose something changed in the code?
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