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  1. Howdy friend! This is great, thanks. Can I make a request for Warhammer: Vermintide 2?
  2. Got there in the end. I just let it do its things for some 15 min and it eventually worked. Subsequent runs are much faster now. Thanks again for your assistance.
  3. I'm with iiNet in Australia. Should i try re-routing my traffic through a VPN? Perhaps it doesn't like people Down Under. EDIT: Tried that but to no avail.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! Is there a way to test that it is my connection?
  5. Hey @Jason Carr, is there an issue with the database? Trying to import some roms and it doesn't go any further than 'Refreshing local metadata from Launchbox Games Databse.' Just an infinite loop. I think this happened previously. When I uncheck the recommended option during the importing wizard and use Wikipedia it works a charm.
  6. Could be just me but since upgrading to 9.9 when I start LB sometimes it unchecks the game details or platform views on its own, meaning I have to manually enable them again. It typically happens after a PC restart but cannot accurately be reproduced. Seems random. Did that happen to anyone else before?
  7. Will you still be around on YouTube? Or is there a similar announcement to come? Sad to see you go but I fully understand. People are just ungrateful. Thanks for everything and stay in touch!
    Hi mate, this is fantastic thanks! Any chance of adding the following platforms? - PS3 - Sega Naomi - Windows - Sega Model 2
  8. @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT hey man, I can see you’re uploading more frequently again. Welcome back! If at any point in the future you would like to consider playlist themes for Medal of Honor and Red Faction you know where to find me. Just saying
    Oh god, yes! This is amazing. Thanks a ton for doing this!
  9. The current addon works great for me on Leia. What features are you proposing to be tested?
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