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  1. Done that. Would love to know why that is happening but so be it. At least everything is updated now.
  2. Good one, can't wait to see what's next. As for MGS 3, it still throws the error but it might have something to do with naming conventions. I only have the standard version (not Subsistence) and named accordingly in LB. But it is still picked up by the plugin and lets me download a config (before crashing). Strange!
  3. Hmm, so I deleted 67454C1E (Tekken Tag Tournament) from the cheats folder (not cheats_ws), then removed the config and tried to re-download. Still crashes. It does create a new patch file in the cheats folder though..
  4. In the process of re-downloading all configs to apply the widescreen changes. ICO makes LB crash every time even after deleting its ini folder manually. EDIT: Seems to happen with other games too, out of all the games in my collection the following will show the same behaviour: - ICO - Metal Gear Solid 3 - Onimusha 2 and 3 - Shadow of Rome - Tekken Tag Tournament - Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
  5. Yeah I was wondering about that. Why would aspect ratio be the only setting that doesn't change automatically without tweak files? Everything else seems to change according to the spreadsheet, regardless of default values.
  6. Yeah, that did it. My PCSX2 default config has aspect ratio set to 4:3 because some patches are better than others. Changing that to 16:9 and re-importing the config files retains the widescreen option where necessary. Thanks.
  7. @Zombeaver interestingly, none of the configs I download come with widescreen options enabled as per the spreadsheet. All of them are correctly set up except widescreen support. The widescreen patch option is ticked under emulation settings but the aspect ratio is not set to 16:9. What gives?
  8. No, I like yours better! The original has 'Ultimate Frontend' underneath the Big Box slogan which is tacky. The audio is better on yours too, especially towards the end where the other version has an annoying volume spike. Out of curiosity, where can I buy templates like this?
  9. To be fair EM is getting increasingly outdated by today's standards. Most of their clips have been recorded ages ago and desperately need updating. That is where Launchbox comes in.
  10. @Banditt Step 1: Copy the Youtube link Step 2: Paste here (no tags or anything) Step 3: Profit Beautiful theme by the way. My new favourite! PS: You can upload the file directly into your post as well. Like so: Brick-BigBox-HighEnergy.mp4
  11. Lovely - can't wait! There are so many Gears games across various platforms that a collection theme might just be the icing on the cake. ?
  12. Brilliant! Are you planning on adding the Gears of War games eventually?
  13. Holy cow, video snaps on the fly? God knows how much time I wasted finding and then downloading suitable Youtube clips, some of which would need to be further tweaked before I could use them in LB/BB (i.e. cutting out the damn age rating at the start). This is such a great update, absolutely cannot wait. Thank you!
  14. I did, still it won't accept any input in-game. Literally the only emulator (if you can call it that) giving me trouble.
  15. Well done! I take it you're using TeknoParrot in conjunction with these games/themes? I set this up the other day and for some reason it won't react to any of the configured controls in-game (e.g. House of the Dead 4 won't let me go past the start screen). Lots of people complaining about this online but no solution as far as I can tell. Have you come across this before?
  16. Thanks so much for Killzone and Black. Looking great as always! Awesome work - much appreciated.
    This came out of nowhere! Stellar job as always. Much appreciated as I got around to setting up the Xenia emulator the other day.
  17. @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT are you thinking of coming back to these at some point in the future? Says above that you will have over 100 videos once this is finished so I'm seeing a lot of potential If by chance you already have some of these in your library I would be immensely grateful if you shared: - Shadow of Rome - Time Crisis series - Rainbow Six 3 - Burnout 3 - SSX Tricky and SSX 3 - Black - Hitman series - Tenchu Fatal Shadows - Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag Tournament - The Suffering series - Manhunt - James Bond series - Killzone
  18. Isn't the Launchbox games database a separate thing though (i.e. different accounts)? How would LB make the connection?
  19. So I decided to rate a bunch of games on the LB games database, then run the update script on my setup (Tools > Download Updated Community Star Ratings). The votes I added online are not being scraped however, even 24 hours later. Does it not count your personal ratings? For example, I added the 16th vote to Legacy of Kain: Defiance - https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/4586 But on my setup the game persists at 15 votes, even when deleting and re-scraping the game. What am I missing?
  20. Not gonna lie, some of these 60fps patches do look rather promising..
  21. @DOS76 @Jason Carr Hang on, this is interesting. Is there a particular way of importing multi-disc roms? Currently I am importing disc 1 as the main entry in LB, then proceed to select disc 2 as an additional app (manually). Is that not right? Sorry for taking this off-topic.
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