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  1. only video i see is how to make banners for bannerbox...
  2. Another round of Ps2 Themes View File I haven't uploaded or made anything new in awhile, so i got bored, made a few and uploaded em. enjoy Submitter Rauzzman80 Submitted 08/24/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I haven't uploaded or made anything new in awhile, so i got bored, made a few and uploaded em. enjoy
  4. it says could not initialize input 1
  5. yea, when i assign the dpad, its really clunky and unresponsive.
  6. how did you manage that? I mapped my keyboard to the controller, and still nothing, im trying super street fighter 4 and nadda... and all the tutorials on youtube are the same damn thing... its driving me nuts.
  7. Big question, is there a way to set up my wheel selections, say i wanna have a fighting game collection, then you click that and then it opens another wheel which has a game series collection to pick ei// street fighter collection or fatal fury collection, click one of those to acces game select wheel....is this possible?
  8. Thanks Padou, yours are wicked good too of course, in truth, you inspired my silent hill origins one, your silent hill 2 one is by far my fav, so i took some ideas from it and went from there.
  9. actually I use camtasia 9 its lesser known, but for making these...its pretty solid.
  10. im thinking about making a tutorial video on how i make mine, that way more people interested in this can go nuts with it.... imagine all the themes that come from that, because there are no videos on youtube what so ever. I'm a film student in Toronto so I learned through there.
  11. i have assests for vice city, nothing for 3 yet, they are on my to do list. I only have 53 ps2 titles in my library and those will be the ones ill be making first. have to make 14 more vids
  12. well of the GTAs there are two greatr ones already posted on this site...I think i know san andreas is for sure, i have it so never bothered making one.
  13. youre in luck, i just finished devil may cry 1 and 3.... didnt make one for 2 cause ill be honest i hate the game and dont have it on my hard drive... Tenchu Im working on for wrath of heaven and fatal shadows as well as the first two for ps1 those will be on a different file keeping with system separation so there are no mix ups. Killzone eh? sure..Hitman...omg I forgot about those games, ill get some 47 stuff out there... Vampire night would be fun to make...as long as i can find assets... i had rendering new ones..... Which bond games? like all of them? even the shitty ones? I posted god of war one you can find it in my list, im working on gow 2 3 chains of olympus and ghost of sparta, guess i can make 3 as well. but im sticking to ps2 format for now.
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