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  1. I can't seem to get Atari 2600 Carts to show up, I've tried cart front and 3d cart folders and no go. I've also did a refresh of images in BB. Any idea?
  2. Any way of making a playlist or using a field in edit to sort by Vertical games in mame?
  3. I figured it out I copied and renamed the platform view file to the game view file, I had to do a restart for the changes to take effect.
  4. I was wondering if it was possible and easy to maybe use a platform view as a game view? I'm using Unified Theme and want to use the ultra wide screen unified for a my favorites section that will be using 4:3 game theme video's Picture 1 is the view I'm trying to achieve for my game view which is the platform view using the ultra wide unified. Thanks.
  5. Capa

    Show All Game Only

    Is there a way to no show Platforms, Categories, ect.. but to only show the All Games only section in Big Box,
  6. I'm trying per game not emulator default. but for so reason ra won't launch. I've tried multiple cores and copy and paste core names to make sure of exact spelling of cores.
  7. -L "cores\corename.dll" does this command still work? I can't seem to get RA to launch with this command. I've tried multiple cores.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, i just disabled the short cut and works perfect now.
  9. when I load state using lib_mame with retroarch i get palette, tile view, gfx pop ups in retroarch. I tested it without pause and it's not happening.
  10. Yes that is correct.
  11. Sorry my mistake. Both installs are on externals not internal. So my main drive is set to G: I unplugged my main drive and plugged in another drive and its set to G: as well. i did a fresh install on the new drive and all my systems are listed in platforms. it can't be a shortcut from my main install because the drive is unplugged and i ran the launchbox exe from the new drive.
  12. I have my main set up on an external drive set as G: and I just unplugged my main drive and tried installing a second install on another drive that i also have set as G: the new setup is showing all my platforms from my main / previous setup. Is there a appdata folder or anything that stores this info?
  13. Wanted to add a few things to my categories and couldn't duplicate the text so i found a psd online and made these. I upload the psd as well id anyone has use for these. Catagories.psd
  14. Capa

    Sega CD 32X

  15. Capa

    Sega CD 32X

    Sega CD 32X View File My first video theme. Tried to keep it unified. Thanks Dee for the console cut out. Hopefully tie you guys up till someone makes something better. Images used are attached for theme or other purposes. Submitter Capa Submitted 05/01/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
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