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  1. Try using ImgDrive portable to mount image files. They must be converted to ccd img files first however. pAlcohol can also be used but command line can't be used.
  2. Can Mechwarrior 2 be added?
  3. This is a feature that seems to be not mentioned in this site so I will make this guide. First, prepare the msu1 folder in higan format. Then, zip the files in the folder in either these 2 compression methods: Store (0x00) or Deflate (0x08). Make sure to use zip format but rename the extension to MSU1. Test it with SNES9X standalone and the game should launch. This format isn't compatible with the retroarch version. Do not distribute this pack to other as it is illegal unless you replace program.rom with patch.bps or possibly patch.ips file and softpatch it with unpatched rom. README.txt daedalus.exe icarus.exe MercurialMagic.exe
  4. 2014 build of svn daum isn't broken however.
  5. What about using (bsnes.exe/higan.exe) --fullscreen? Edit: Nevermind, its already mentioned.
  6. Now I think about it, snes9x is straight up better than bsnes/higan for romhack(including msu1) as most of them are tested on snes9x. Higan, zsnes and others compatibility are an afterthought. So thanks for the suggestion.
  7. It works! Thanks alot.
  8. Tried that too, still an issue. Maybe my laptop isn't good enough.
  9. Change driver from gl to vulkan, problem is fixed! But the audio stuttering is still an issue even after increasing audio latency from 64 to 128. Sigh, guess I have better luck with standalone mednafen or epsxe.
  10. I played MGS with beetle psx hw core when I encountered this bug. Is there anyway to fix it?
  11. Well I used bsnes-plus and snes9x which worked fine so its better than nothing I guessed. Thanks.
  12. I tried to use standalone higan and bsnes for MSU1 but was unable play the msu1 music even after setting up msu1.rom program.rom and track-*.pcm.
  13. I think there is a NoIntro2018. Maybe
  14. Would Star Fox 2 be included?
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