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  1. Vitamina1984, please keep your english messages in future, or keep them in both languages even if your english may be bad, it's still much easier to understand than google translation Rumble is definitely possible when you use it in Mode 4 or bluetooth connection, by adding a Glovepie script like this var.rumble = wiimote.B If Var.Rumble Wiimote.Rumble = 1 Wait 100ms Wiimote.Rumble = 0 Wait 50ms EndIf And maybe possible in mode 3 by modifyng this script as for directinput\raw gamepad - have no experience in that, so may be mistaken here. But, I think rumble in modes 1-2 is not possible in same way because wiimotes are tended just as a regular mouses and can't be hooked as a real wiimote by any software. as I understand, you want to use 2 dolpinbars in mode1 such a build is something like a zombie cadavre)) so there' s nothing strange that you can't do something. There is no need in 2 dolphinbars with normal wiimotes. I sussessfully use single one for 2 and even 3-player configs in MAME. Also, there's no issues in Sega Naomi lightgun arcades in Demul, for example There are only two emulators which I couldn't set 2 players with 1 Dolphinbar - PCSXr-lightgun and PCSX2 because their Nuvee plugin, used for lightguns, is very specific. so, if I was you, I would like to test if another Wiimote and\or another Dolphinbar work with Touchmote in mode4. I believe there's a real chance that it will, and all your problems will go away.
  2. Your Wiimote is not genuine - it's definitely just a copy. So the problem is 99.99% in Wiimote and nothing more. And nothing can be done to make it work. Most of such ones work good with Wii console but have issues with connecting to pc either with Dolphinbar or regular Bluetooth adapter. It's normal that your one does not work. So take care of your nerves and don't waste time for that piece of plastic. Just throw it out or sell someone who owns a console, or swap with someone on another Wiimote. A good Wiimote works with Dolphinbar and Touchmote "out-of-the-box" with no issues. So the only thing I can recommend - get another Wiimote made by Nintendo, not any other manufacturer and try from the very beginning. The original one has only "Wii" and\or small rounded "Wii MotionPlus Inside" text on the very bottom under "2" button. no other manufacturer's text like on yours, no "New2in1", "Motion 2in1", stuff etc. I've spent money for 5 different Wiimotes, and only one of them worked, with some problems too, so I've got disappointed and didn't use them at all - even the one working was not playable. all the days I've spend investigating what's wrong were the waste of time. Until I bought a real Wii - a cool one 25th anniversary Mario Red edition And - holy fffu[...] - its Wiimote from kit worked with Touchmote perfectly - instant connection, Touchmote recognition, no disconnects. It was like a kind of magic... So the best option in your case - find a new separate GENUINE Wiimote, or used one which came with Wii console by default. You can find a used Wii console with accessories for 40-50$ if you're lucky Looking at amazon.it there is one that may be genuine - Link That's how the last generation of original Wiimotes should look like. My perfect one most likely is from that series.
  3. Vitamina1984, Touchmote WILL show error about bluetooth with Dolphinbar anyway, even after successful Wiimote connection, that's normal. You may have connection issues if you are using a chinese Wiimote copy (especially with built-in MotionPlus) and are not lucky - if that so, nothing can be done here. And the chance that it's a shitty copy is >90% if you've bought it as a new one on ebay or aliexpress - there are many cases that Wiimotes bought simultaneously from one seller behave differently. For our purposes, it's a good idea to buy a used one from ebay or even from hands IRL with an agreement to check if it works and return if no. I have almost the same issue with one of my not-genuine wiimotes it works with Dolphinbar with no problems in modes 1-2-3, but mode 4 fifty-fifty, and even if pairs, Touchmote does not see it The second one works but loses connection very often. If you have a genuine one, try reinstalling Touchmote's drivers, run it as admin or use older version. Also, you may need to update Dolphinbar's firmware. And Dolphinbar's hardware revision also can have some influence - there are 2 bar types. The old one has 1 switch on the back, as I remember, and actual has 2. In the case of old one nothing can be guaranteed Dunno what what else could be here in your case The alternative option for you is using connection with a BT adapter + Touchmote, or another software like Toids Wiimouse. It's much cooler than Touchmote but it works ONLY with BT adapters, there's no Dolphinbar support. And it needs a straight hands to adjust its settings - it's not such user-friendly, and to make it work perfect you may need to learn about such things as PPJoy virtual drivers and Glovepie scripting. But if you are friends with the last thing, you may need nothing except Glovepie Itself )) But it's hard to find an adapter that will work without issues - most of them have connection or distance issues and don't remember pairing. And the really good ones are not produced anymore for a few years, and possibility to find them on ebay is almost 0. So you may buy several different ones that are available for you and pray for luck. The ideal option here is making a DIY adapter using a native Wii's bluetooth chip J27H002, 3.3v voltage regulator like LD1117V33 and standard USB 2.0 connector\cable. All of them can be bought on Aliexpress. There were 1-2 tutorials somewhere how to. It's fun, but people say that cadavre works with native Windows drivers. That needs to learn howto solder electronics, but the result is perfect connection
  4. 2-player wiimote MAME setup is done easily. You need to set Wiimote pointers as a gamepad RStick in Touchmote, and bind it in Game settings as Lightgun\AD Stick. I never set Wiimote as a mouse device in MAME, it's a bad practice, It behaves much better if both Wiimotes are set to Rstick, LStick is not working in my case - MAME doesn't want to bind one of its axis' sent from Touchmote as a Gun's one. Personally, now I have 2-Wiimote no-crosshair MAME setup, with perfect line-of-sight aiming. It can be done by using tsuokkys Touchmote custom build which has calibration settings in it's ini file.
  5. It simply just does not work that way in practice - if we treat Touchmote Pointer as gamepad stick, like in MAME 2-player Wiimote setups, or like Lilypad Mouse-to-Stick config, we get a crazy fast in-game stick cursor - I think that happens because Touchmote sends absolute coordinate or stick values, and Lilypad awaits something like value delta. So it "works", but is completely unplayable
  6. Got this working for PCSX2, 1-player setup on Vampire Night game. here's my video tutorial
  7. It will be cool to see a custom cursor changing feature Like in RocketLauncher - you put crosshair .cur or .ani files into the /cursors folder, and they are loading automatically with specific games/platforms, including setting of maximum available system size and returning to default one after closing the emulation. It will be useful for ones who like lightgun games and plays them WITH crosshairs, and need Mame-alike custom and BIG ones - some emus dont draw them (PCSX2), or draw a tiny ones less than win system arrow (Demul, PCSX-R) (((
  8. Hello everyone. Can't make builded spacorn's version to capture movement - xinput buttons are working, IR sensor not. It seems to be related to b15 version installed before. Can anybody share b14 native installer? UPD found and installed clear b14 nothing changed - still no IR detection at all reinstalled touchmote and driver - still nothing looks I'll have a fight with Visual Studio at the end. UPD2 builded with warnings, but had no sussess with sensor but the issue was just in config - I feel myself like an idiot. it just didn't want to work with default json values. playing with values made the magic
    Good pack, but no EU/JP titles a clear template should be included to make other games
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