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  1. Thanks again CMOS for the link. Very much appreciated. Thanks Rainman74 for all your hard work.
  2. Hello, Could someone please send me a link also? 😀
  3. Thanks for the tutorial. It really helped! 😀 All the FM Towns games can be found on: archive.org. Just do a search 'Fm Towns' and you'll find them all in one convenient Torrent. There's two different one's. Choose whatever you desire. I recommend the Neo Kobe - Fujitsu FM Towns (2016-02-25). Also download the The Neo Kobe Emulator Pack Lite, it contains all of the Japanese emulators already configured. Some of these Fm Towns games are in Japanese, does anyone know of any Jap-Eng translation for games such as Wing Commander etc? The Neo Kobe Emulator Pack Lite - Links Top Page. Here's another shorter tutorial I found on the internet for running dungeon master CD. How to play FM-Towns games under Windows? (Dungeon Master, Chaos Strikes Back and Dungeon Master II) Mon, 2005-10-24 01:00 — ChristopheF Follow these instructions: Download Dungeon Master for FM-Towns, Chaos Strikes Back for FM-Towns or Dungeon Master II for FM-Towns. Download this FM-Towns emulator for Windows from its official web site: UNZ. Download the FM-Towns BIOS from the FM-Towns Emulators & System Files at the Japanese Computer Emulation Centre. Uncompress UNZ, the BIOS files and the game in the same folder on your hard drive. You have two ways to play the game with UNZ: you can burn the CD image to a CD-R or CD-RW and play the game from your real CD-ROM drive, or you can use DAEMON Tools (recommended method), which is a CD-ROM emulator for Windows. This free utility will create a virtual CD-ROM drive in which you will be able to "insert" a CD image (many formats supported). Using this tool, you can try the game without having to burn a real CD. If you use Daemon Tools, do not forget to check "Analog audio" in the options if you want to hear the CD-Audio music tracks. Once you inserted the CD in your CD-ROM drive (either real or virtual), Run "unz.exe". Wait for the configuration dialog box to appear. In the CD-ROM1 tab, select the type of CD-ROM of emulation for your system (ASPI for Win 9x/Me and IOCTRL for Windows 2000/XP). Then configure the CD-ROM drive to use, either in the list or by its drive letter. Then click on OK. This will close the program. Note: I had to manually configure the CD-ROM in the unz.ini file because the settings I made in the dialog box were not saved correctly. In the CD-ROM1 tab, select ASPI and click the "Scan available devices" button. The three numbers to the left (like 1:2:1) correspond to these settings in the [CDROM Emulation] section of the unz.ini file: AdapterID:ScsiID:Lun. Run "unz.exe" again. You need a floppy disk image to save your game. In the Drive0 menu, select "Insert...". Type a floppy disk image name like "DungeonMasterSave.bin". Click Open and confirm the creation of the file. Choose the "2DD/720KB" type of floppy disk, check the "MS-DOS" checkbox and then click OK. The emulator boots on the CD-ROM. Two icons to run the game appear. The one on the left runs the game in Japanese, the one on the right runs the game in English. Press "F12" to capture / release the mouse cursor during emulation.
  4. There's a patch for this game that copies the .exe to the Aliens directory. Look for it on 'Myabandoware'. I still can't get the game to run though as I keep getting bad install?
  5. Hello, Try archive.org, you'll find the latest HBMAME 0.210 set but it's quite big at 169gb.
  6. I know this is an old thread, but I found these two executables on the GameEx Forum that will run Ridge Racer and Rave Racer automatically. Just stick them in your Vivanonno2203 emulator folder and run them and the games will automatically run. Easy enough to set up in Launchbox. Thanks to Brian Hoffman. Ridge Racer & Rave Racer launchers. Link to ForumThread. GameEx Forum Thread
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