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Best Practice for keeping MAME ROMs up to date


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Honestly, the easiest way would be just to download a complete set for the newest version. The regularly way would be to download all Romupdates from your current MAME version till the newest one and then use a Rommanager like Clrmamepro to rebuild your Romset to the newest version. At the beginning it’s a little tricky to learn how Clrmamepro works because it’s not really self-explanatory. But with the right tutorials and little help from here it should be no problem to get it the job done.
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Download ClrMAMEPro from here and installed it but after that Windows Defender said that it is a severe trojan threat the funny thing is it removed the downloaded exe but not the installed files. I grabbed another copy from major geeks but I still haven't deleted the other version I'm thinking it is a false positive but don't really know.
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this is were i shop.... if u guys want the latest full complete mame rom sets verified theirs only one place to go.. [redacted], very tight group,,, if your not very careful you will be shit listed! [Link removed by Mod] they have the most complete update sets you will ever find...on planet earth

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If you want the most recent MAME set it is indeed the best option to go. The MAME sets are even 'free' so you don't need to build up any ratio to download them. Just register there and grab it. But again, if you don't want to download the 300 to 400GB CHD set each time it is easier to learn how Clrmamepro works and just update the set you already have. And I also think that Jason don't want to see here any links to ROM sites even if they are private trackers with strict rules that don't allow any current systems.
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