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Sega Naomi works from Rocketlauncher but not Launchbox


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Naomi Error 02 - This game is not acceptable...

I get this error when trying to run games (like the Guilty Gear games) from LB and Demul 0.5.8, but they work fine if i run them from LB and Rocketlauncher with same Demul 0.5.8. I guess I must have some kind of configuration in RL that gets around this error for Sega Naomi games.

Anyone have an idea? My command line parameter in LB is:    -run=naomi -rom=

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Did you always need the .chd files? I could have sworn these were working but since updating to the latest version of the emulator they didn't work any more giving me some sha error or something like that so I updated the roms then the error message changed to that about the missing .chd or .bin file then I grabbed some .chd files from the 170 set and put them in the folder and now everything is working.

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1 hour ago, Maddoc1007 said:

@ckp The guilty Gear xx plus games need the zip of the games plus the chd of the game put in a folder named the same as the zip, and be placed in the same directory as the games.

i don't have any chd files or folders of game names.

all my naomi games including guilty gear are single zip files in one folder. no chd files inside any of the GG zips.

they all work fine launched from my Rocketlauncher, including guilty gear.

maybe RL is doing some kind of voodoo that i just don't know about for guilty gear games.

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11 hours ago, Maddoc1007 said:

Guilty Gear x works ok but i've always used demul and the only way ive had them work are from the zip and the chd you point LaunchBox to the zip only but it wont run unless you have the chd,  The zip actually is very small.

My guilty gear zips are pretty big. I don't have any chd files and these games are working fine with Rocketlauncher. Since they work with RL, it seems like they should also be able to work with LB. I google that the 02 error I get when trying to run them from LB might be related to the BIOS and/or region. Maybe RL is handling some custom things on a per game basis for Naomi. I see a lot of per game specific configuration in the RL ahk and ini files for Naomi.

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