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Atari ST with Hatari


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This was the system that I had as a youngster which started my love affair with gaming. I really want to get this system Running  correctly  in Launchbox!

I've followed the Launchbox tutorial and have added the Atari ST to my list and I'm using Hatari (most recent build)

'I've added a few games that I loved back in the day and most of the games run, but all the multi disk games I've tried don't seem to work when it comes to switching disks. Both Awesome and Rainbow Island don't seem to register the other disks. 

'Has anyone found this to be a problem and for those of you who have this up and running, do you suggest another emulator or should Hatari be just fine



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As far as I know you can only do two at a time so you'd probably just do it like I have in the example and then you may have to use the UI to add in the third disk when needed. I've only ever messed with 2-disk games for Atari ST. I have a button mapped to swap between the disk in the first and second drive so I just load 1 into drive A and 2 into B and press the button when prompted to insert disk two. I don't think you could load all three at once.

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I also use Steem and works fine with LB. Steem has the option to save the entire setup - including disks in drives - into a separate .ini file.

What i do, is to setup Steem for a specific game, insert both disks to drives 1 & 2 and save the config.

Then in LB instead of importing the game i import the config:



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@LapoI have a keyboard and keypad button set via AHK script.  Place at least the ESC line into the Running AutoHotkey Script  tab in the Edit Emulator screen:

Use the Escape key to close Hatari.  This should allow LB to exit via the pause screen Exit Menu selection.

$ESC::WinClose, ahk_exe hatari.exe

Optional Example : Use double press of Xbox One Guide Button to exit

;for exit only with double press of XBOX Guide
if (A_PriorHotkey <> "vk07" or A_TimeSincePriorHotkey > 400)
WinClose, ahk_exe hatari.exe

EDIT: See my last entry on next email for best solution and directly what you asked. 

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@LapoAlso, you can change directly within Hatari what buttons to use for Quit. Right ALT is the modifier key and Q is quit. But you can just directly tell Hatari what you want.  For example, you can directly assign ESC (or whatever key you want) to the "Without Modifier" box in the Keyboard setup and then can dispense with any AHK type deals (assuming you don't need that key in a game).

2136230040_DesktopScreenshot2020_04.14-13_01_40.66_cr.thumb.PNG.7c75a1b78a35a389fa5967e88dce31a7.PNGYou can also tell Hatari to exit without confirming by going into the Hatari.cfg file and looking for "bConfirmQuit" and changing that to FALSE. 

EDIT:  I didn't realize I had it already and it is what you originally asked (sorry haven't used Hatari in awhile) is placing this in the Hatari Emulator Exit tab (make sure to delete any other exit AHK in running tab in previous email). This will send a ALTR Q quit command:


Send {RAlt down}
Sleep 50
Send {Q}
Sleep 50
Send {RAlt up}


Edited by sundogak
Included exit AHK script
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