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  1. Eye candy is nice, but not at the expense of functionality (with more memory consumed, slower scrolling, e.t.c). That's just my personal opinion of course, others may prefer more eye candy over functionality. The old default is much more practical and responsive for my configuration - i don't care for blurred backgrounds or smooth corners on images for example, i want to be able to find and launch a game quickly...
  2. Crush

    Win7 or Win10?

    Win 10 are a resource hog! Avoid them since your specs are low. For as long as LB supports Win7 you can use it. Later you can upgrade to Win10 if there's no other option. If a Linux version of LB ever comes out you can ditch Win entirely...
  3. Upgrade from 1.7.7 to 1.7.8 went fine. I only had to re-apply the shaders using the new save option because video_shader is removed from the config files.
  4. Visual Pinball doesn't need anything special to add it to Launchbox... The command-line parameters are: -minimized /exit /play
  5. Correct! You can use the 8 buttons for normal play, define a shift button and use this with the normal 7 buttons for secondary functions like Insert Coin, Player 1 Start, OK, Cancel, TAB, F2. With just one Ultrastick i can play any MAME game requiring a single joystick and also access the TAB/F2 menu and change settings with no need of a keyboard.
  6. You don't need an extra encoder as Ultrastick has an encoder attached at the bottom which can drive up to 8 arcade buttons. You can define one of the buttons as a modifier key so by keeping it pressed the other buttons can execute different actions. So in practice you have 15 different button actions from a single Ultrastick. Ultrasticks connect directly to a USB port.
  7. Ultrasticks are arcade quality magnetic analog joysticks (no touching parts so there's minimal wear). They come with a soft or hard spring around the stick and that provides resistance as you move it around. You can also add an octagonal restrictor at the base if you want to "feel" the directions. I use hard springs and circular restrictors as i also use them as pure analog sticks. Here's a controller i made a few years ago using an Ultrastick joystick (for left or right handed players):
  8. The nice thing with Ultrasticks is that they are auto-configurable in MAME, so they change to correct mode (4-way, 4-way diagonal, 8-way, ..) when you load a rom.
  9. Here's my layered .psd with images for many consoles using a PS4 controller. Feel free to modify as you wish! I leave the background transparent and i display the controller image as a Retroarch overlay when i press the pause button on the controller (using an Autohotkey script). PS4_Controller.7z
  10. Crush

    Dual tankstick

    The trackball is recognized as a mouse device and the joysticks as a keyboard device.
  11. Using RAID0 is an increased risk - if one disk fails you lose both.
  12. I guess that you take longer to sort through the playlists than to actually play a game... 🙂 Developers/publishers playlist - i don't care if they are removed. Waiting 20-30 secs to load LB is bad especially if you need a restart every time you modify a playlist for it to be updated.
  13. Crush

    Playlist auto-update

    There are other times (besides when adding games) that a playlist must be updated. For example if you create a playlist with the filter "Play Count = 0" to list your unplayed games, after starting one of the games in the playlist the game should disappear from the playlist when you exit it because now it's Play Count is no longer 0.
  14. Crush

    Controller Images

    Per core. I think the controller image was posted here or at the Libretro forums and i used Photoshop to modify it depending on the platform.
  15. Crush

    Controller Images

    I am using an Autohotkey script. When i press a certain button on a spare controller it sends a pause command to Retroarch and changes to another overlay (the one with the controller). Here's the script: ; Pause & Display Controller 4Joy20:: SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 Send {~} SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 Send {p} Return I have setup the Retroarch configuration to use "~" to change to the next overlay and "p" to pause the game. I use two overlays - one with the controller & bezel and another with just the bezel. When i press button 20 on Joystick 4, Retroarch changes to the controller overlay and pauses the game. The next time i press this button Retroarch reverts to first overlay and unpauses the game. And so on...
  16. Crush

    Controller Images

    I am using a PS2 controller and Retroarch overlays to display the controller assignments when a game is paused:
  17. From the libretro forums: Load any atari800 or 5200 with Atari800 3.1.0 core. does not matter if your game does not work, we just need to be able to enter the menu. when game is loaded, press F1 (this is quick-menu, just cancel or press F1 again or whichever is your quickmenu hotkey) - this will show you Atari800 menu(use joystick/gamepad to navigate. On Xbox 360 controller. button B is OK while Y is back. if nothing is working, go to quick menu-Controls and choose ATARI Joystick for User 1 Device Type While im Menu, goto Emulator Configuration -> System ROM Settings then Find ROM images in a directory Locate your atari5200 and atari800 bios roms. these roms have to be uncompressed. -Atari400/800 - atariosb.rom -XL/XE - atarixl.rom -Basic - ataribas.rom -5200 - 5200.rom Once rom folders are set, press SPACEBAR to save location. 5.go back to Emulator Settings and then choose Save Configuration file. goto quick menu and close content. By this time, you can now play games. do note that the games has to be extracted and uncompressed too. You can use Load Content method in Retroarch. if you load a compressed rom, your game will not play and you are stuck in Self Test mode. When you do load a game, and see only black screen, just press Enter or OK on your gamepad.
  18. Crush

    Playlist auto-update

    I guess that adding a game to Favorites or another list should trigger an immediate re-calculation of all auto-update lists.
  19. Crush

    Playlist auto-update

    Yes the playlist is updated correctly when i reopen Launchbox.
  20. I want to display a playlist of my favorite games under Platforms (let's call it CrushFav). So i created a playlist matching all games marked as favorite. When i mark a game as Favorite the CrushFav playlist isn't automatically updated, i have to choose to Edit the playlist and then click OK for the changes to appear in CrushFav. Am i missing something or that is the way playlists currently update their contents?
  21. Visual Pinball X... Get the latest 10.5 version here: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=39428 I have 163 VPX tables installed and everything is much better compared to Future Pinball: physics, looks, overall quality... Get latest VPX pinballs here: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=51&sort_order=desc&sort_key=file_updated&num=10
  22. Here's my Settings.ini: Works fine with latest FreeCamMode and PinballArcade. I am using a Shortcut to play Gorgar: G:\Games\PinballArcade\FreeCamMod\TPAFreeCamMod.exe -table Gorgar
  23. Nice! How can i download the entire file at once, instead of each image separately?
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