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My first post here.  Is this thread still active?  I guess so.  Anyway, just recently started to fiddle around with bigbox premium.  I think it looks nice and works really well.  Congrats on this awesome startup theme.  I tried it out but all throughout it there is no sound at all, and just at the very end does sound eventually kick in, but by then it is kind of too late.  I also experienced it with another theme, except in that one there sound for about 70% for the whole intro.  I do have a pretty poor PC, Vaio notebook from 2009 so that could be the reason although some startup themes, as I said, seem to have more sound. In any case, there seems to be an audio delay of sorts which varies from theme to theme.  I'm pretty much using latest versions of launchbox and bigbox as I just recently started fiddling with these programs.

Thanks for the advice!

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