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Hi All,

Just opening up a new thread where I can post updates for new theme videos I will be making. My focus is going to be on the "underdog" categories for platforms/games. I'm very new to motion design/video editing, but I hope to add some nice contributions for the community to enjoy. I definitely draw inspiration from @BakerMan's work in his videos (nowhere close to that level of quality and polish, but I hope to get a little closer someday) and have also been inspired by EVERYONE else contributing their time and talents to help make BigBox look so great with themes, art, videos, tutorials, troubleshooting and, of course, @Jason Carr's one-man army development blitzkrieg and bug-squashing (I'm still testing that crash!! :P). I really love the community here; lots of really great folks.

OK, I don't like sappy so.... this is where I'll put updates to things I am currently working on to showcase progress on projects or make announcements. It's also a place to make requests or suggestions or even offer critiques. I recently made a platform theme video for the Hacks & Fan-Made category (link to it below) and I have started work on a platform theme video for MSU-1 since I have a platform category for that. Next will be Super Gameboy and then I will dive into some game-specific themes for the Amiga systems.

In the meantime, this is short clip showing the little bit of progress for the MSU-1 to get a rough idea of what it will look like (all 10 of the games that currently have an MSU-1 patch will be featured) and what the music of choice is, though with some suggestions that could still be changed.



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