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13 hours ago, Patham said:

Yeah, it's crazy but I admire the guy. I don't have the skill or the stamina to even think about attempting something like that. He was at 90 million+ and 18+ hours in a few minutes ago. That's incredible. I played the game a lot yesterday and I suck and it's a tough game to boot. I won't embarrass myself by telling you all my high score, haha.

@MetalVinnie I tried out the Gyruss hack yesterday. I didn't play long but from what I could tell it was how you explained it, English intro. Might have slightly better audio as well. The cool thing for me was I learned a bit about patching ROMs with hacks in the process. :)

I watched him for a bit.  I was more curious to see what he did to take a break.  He had so many extra lives that it almost didn't matter if he lost a few.  But he took a break to sip his cup, lost a few lives doing it.  And every time he reached 10 million, the score rolls over to 0.  So he had to mark that on the video for us and that took a bit of time from him, too.  Having no pause button is what really blew me away.  

I also just learned how to patch roms.  It was easy enough to just download an already patched rom, so I never bothered until now.  I was curious about Gyruss because Brad announced it on one of his videos.  I guess the Gyruss translation is still too new for an already patched rom to download.  So I learned how to do it myself.  But I also found some patches for other games that I thought needed a translation and spent a day patching roms.  It's pretty easy.  I was really happy to find a translation for 'Arumana no Kiseki' or 'The Miracle Of Almana'.  Haven't gotten far with it, but it's good ol' Konami greatness with a Castlevania/Indiana Jones kind of feel to it.


While we're here sharing our learning experiences, I did want to tell you something else I discovered about EBOOT.PCB files in Retroarch.  While I was making configurations on Retroarch for one of my eboot files, I noticed that Retoarch will save it to a file as 'EBOOT.cfg'.  Unfortunately, any 'EBOOT.PCB' will save to the same config.  So...I renamed all my EBOOT.PCB files to 'Name of Game'.PCB.  They still work and now I can save each game to it's own config. For some reason I thought they all had to be named 'eboot.pcb' because that's how they will work on my actual PSP.

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Great job you've done! Thanks!

But can i ask you a question?

By what principle did you select roms for the arcade lists?

Did you select them by region? But sometimes you choose US region, and sometimes it's World revision. Why?

For example why you choose 1941u.zip which is a clone instead of using 1941.zip which is a parent rom and later World revision?

And another reason why i asking you about it is that there is plenty of clones that are better then parent roms.

For example "TMNT Turtles in time" parent rom (tmnt2.zip in you list) doesn't let you choose characters (you can play only for Leonardo) and the better version is a clone 2 players US version (tmnt22pu.zip)

Same goes to Simpsons and Sunset Riders, only 2 players clones let you choose different characters.

Some games are better depending on the region, they may have better gameplay, improved graphics, even additional content.

Great list of better clones you can find here: http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/26943-list-of-mame-clones-worth-playing-redux/

I really like your lists, you did a great amount of job, but i want help to make them even better.



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I appreciate your comments.  Thank you.

I did not select the regions/clones for the rom list.  I just checked my Launchbox and didn't even know that 1941u was the main rom selected for 1941.  When I right click  on '1941', all the clones are listed under the same heading.  I think that was due to how Launchbox bundled the roms when I imported them.  

I do agree that some versions of certain games are better than others, although, I didn't choose which clone should be on those lists.  Honestly, that would've been too tedious for me.

But, I'm also the kind of guy who likes X-Men to be the 6-player version with 3 screens and would take the time to set up my controller to the character that I like. :D


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Thanks for the list, I am just wondering does anyone have a vertical only arcade list? As these ones include horizontal as well.

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Ive been trying to add the playslist to my LB. 

I Tried to add with LB closed, but always fail, the playlist cant be added, and dissapear from the folder

Any solution to this?

Im on the latest beta

Help @MetalVinnie


EDIT1. Why this playlist its the only that doesnt work for me? 

Edited by sakt1moko

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