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Launchbox won't recognize BIN file


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It looks like it's file extension is missing. First, in that "browse for CD window", in the bottom right is a drop down menu, change that to all. If the file appears, try to load that up. If it gives you an error or does nothing, it might be because the file extension is missing. You can re-add it back by renaming the file and adding .bin to the end of it.

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The platform is dos and switching to all files worked, launchbox sees the other file, however it only works on the "install DOS game" option which forces me to choose between the bin file and the cue file. Is there a way to do run both files because the game isn't installing right and the "import" wizard doesn't recognized either file.

Dos problem 3.png

Dos problem 4.png

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You may want to to just install it manually via DOSBox. That's what I normally do with DOS games. I mount them to a virtual drive and then install them in DOSBox.

Here's an example of how I did this with Rayman:

The process is basically the same from one game to another. You mount the location where you want to install the game as C: and the location of the virtual drive as D:, change to the D: drive, and install the game.

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