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Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Can't get running, even with new tutorial


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Following this guide: 

Using 1.5.0 (latest) Retroarch....not working...I can right click a game in my LB collection after following all steps and launch the emulator (Sinclair ZX Spectrum), and Retroarch opens, but if I double click one, brief hourglass icon and then nothing opens...I'm using TAP files only (uncompressed)

What else can I try?  No idea why it doesn't work...I've went through the steps in the video three times :-(

- Brett

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one more imageLB_spectrumissues_4.thumb.JPG.1b8b290d309612dfc39b71b1fa5fa8cd.JPG, yes it's in platforms setup with Retroarch, I can right click any game and open the emulator fine from within LB, just hates me when I click to launch a game for some reason....Retroarch works fine with my other emulators it's set up in...



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2 hours ago, DOS76 said:

I can't believe that worked because you can usually name the emulator whatever you want and it will launch the right emulator as long as it points to the correct .exe

Yes...true...and it certainly was linked to Retroarch  right click and launch the emulator manually...WIERD

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For a second I thought this was the same as my issue, but it's not.

For some weird reason my Retroarch won't launch with the FUSE core, unless I add another emulator and use it as the non-default emulator. Making it default messes it up again.

It works, but it's definitely weird. 






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One thing that was not mentioned in the tutorial with fuse is how to play 128k+3 disks and 256k images, it should because its not simple, there are a ton of Zx games that are not in the z80; tzx; tap; format.

To run 128k+3 games in dsk format you have to edit the fuse.libero.info with notepad++ and edit the line: supported_extensions = "tzx|tap|z80|rzx|scl|trd" to look like this supported_extensions = "tzx|tap|z80|rzx|dsk|scl|trd", this will allow you to load the 128k+3 disks, but files must not be zipped, they will enter the default 128+3 menu em you just smack "return" to load disc and voila.

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