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  1. Demul problems

    The Last Versions of Demul no longer use the Older Rom Set they use Mame Rom set, Plus mame Bios, I did not updated my demull because of that, I don't know if there is any improvement on emulation that justifies getting all the roms again.
  2. Hello, The original Xbox as an emulator called CoinOPS, it's now on version 8: This emulator as a ton of hacked roms, that let's you play in a different way from the original, more players, more chars, more difficult, arranged sound tracks, etc.. I have the CoinOPS 7 and Coinops 8 as already been released with even more hacked games, I have tested a couple of this roms in MAME but it gives CRC error, it didn't run a single modded game. My question is: How can I make the Hacked CoinOPS roms work on PC? Witch emulador does not check the rom integrity and lets it play!!! Because those hacked SFA 3 roms, have Turbo 2 speed instead of Turbo 1 speed, they have Dramatic battle, Boss Edition, and some other hacks for some other games that I really want to play on PC using Launchbox, can some one help!? Thanks.
  3. One thing that was not mentioned in the tutorial with fuse is how to play 128k+3 disks and 256k images, it should because its not simple, there are a ton of Zx games that are not in the z80; tzx; tap; format. To run 128k+3 games in dsk format you have to edit the fuse.libero.info with notepad++ and edit the line: supported_extensions = "tzx|tap|z80|rzx|scl|trd" to look like this supported_extensions = "tzx|tap|z80|rzx|dsk|scl|trd", this will allow you to load the 128k+3 disks, but files must not be zipped, they will enter the default 128+3 menu em you just smack "return" to load disc and voila.
  4. Images and Metadata Download

    Hello, I have a question about the Images and Metadata Download, I just finished shorting out the Commodore 64 17000+ files on Launchbox, because when you import there were hundreds of games that had the name changed to something else, so it took me a month to short every name proprely, to take out repeated games or very bad games that had the same name a good game had. But after finishing I need to delete the wrong metadata that had changed the game's name, so it has not metadata refering to another game, how do I do this??? The second is the fact that when checking new metada it changes the name of the games again aka wrong metadata again, how can I download only the images and not the metadata to a bulk set, and not one by one. Thanks,
  5. X68000 - Mess Tutorial

    Hello again. You were right the problem with MESS/MAME not launching was the bios, even though it was in place it was not working, it took it's time before I could find one that worked. After reading this topic from one side to another I choose to use both emulators, MAME and Retroarch, all single disk games and dual disks games along with HDF games went to Retroarch and all 3 disks + went to MAME because in MAME you can choose 4 drives witch is the best for 4 disks + games, and there are a lot of them. I Did this because I want to have Ziped files so I can spare the HDD space, since Retroarch core does not load any Zip files when you are running the games, it reads the zip files to boot but then it wont read then because the core search does not support zip files, and MAME read and opens zip files, thats why for 3 disks + games I went to MAME even if its a pain in the ass to search the rest of the disk files to populate the slots, also MAME is going for the last disk inside the zip file when launched from Launchbox, and never for the first disk (strange error) I just reload the correct one along the other 3 disks, making shortcuts inside of MAME folder to jump right to the disks does not work as MAME thinks the shortcut is a file. In retroarch you can selet the folder were the core search's for the disks, go to the System/Keropi folder and open the config with Notepad ++ and fill in the line_ StartDir=D:\Retro Games\Sharp X68000\Disk\ _it must end in \ or else the search will be always blank, with this you can insert the disks that are not zipped in the core. Have fun.
  6. X68000 - Mess Tutorial

    Well the rom path is correct, the bios can be the problem but I have already try 3 different bios, just witched some one had converted all the games to hdf. Did someone tested the CMD file inside a Zip file with the dim files?
  7. X68000 - Mess Tutorial

    Isn't there any way to do this disk combination to other computers like Apple 2, Apple 2 gs, PC-98, PC-88, etc... As incredible as it seems my MAME does not loads any X68000 games in Dim or zip, gives a black screen for 1s and shuts down, so I'm trying in retroarch.
  8. Hello again! Since no one gave an opinion I found myself scratching the internet and found better options, first and fore most at this time the np21w-0.86-rev34 is much better then the Neko Project II FMGEN because it works best and supports a lot more formats, if you find the Neo Kobe pack in the Tokugawa Corporate Forums them the np21w-0.86-rev34 will be able to run almost everything that they have for the Nec Pc-9801, but the emulator does not runs zip files, and hdi files can be quite big. After founding the above I went back to Retroarch since I really think that zipped files are the best since they will be saving tons of GB, and I had that problem with retroarch that no text was beeing rendered, well I also fixed that by visiting the Emulator files site and downloading the two FONT files that are there, then going to the system folder inside retroarch and creating a folder called "np2" with the two fonts unzipped inside, this fixed the lack of text in all games that use the Neko project core. Retroarch does not run as many files as the np21w-0.86-rev34 but it as the convenience of running zipped files. Enjoy.
  9. Saturn emulation - is it just crap

    The reason I prefer the console version is because most times they have much more options, ex:. SFA 3 for Saturn and PSP are 10 times better them the arcade version in speed and all the modes, that's why I really love the console ports, Mars Matrix is my favorite Dreamcast shoot em up, but I never play the arcade version, it's just no fun, because on the Dreamcast you can unlock tons of stuff, another exemple are the Cave games, I always play the Xbox 360 version due to resolution and more game modes.
  10. Hello, I have been trying to put this to work since the weekend but to no avail, my FMGEN does not launchs a single game in any format, it always opens the emu with no game loaded no matter the games format, I'm using the last built. After a couple of hours digging and testing, the only thing I found out is that -f makes it launch in full screen if you enabled the screen size change inside the program, but games launching from Launchbox not a single one in 16gb of games. After getting a bit "depressed" I jumped to retroarch, and all games / all formats tested launched with no flaws, or so I thought, only to later find out that the emulation on retroarch makes text invisible or does not render it. Can someone help with one case or the other? beeing my preference retroarch.
  11. Saturn emulation - is it just crap

    It as less steps and its more simple then it was before, and between the three emulators I prefer SSF every day, it was not until recently that Mednafen core fixed the audio issues in Sexy Parodius and many other games. I play manly Vs games and Shoot en ups, so I spoted the input lag really fast while jumping and kicking in street fighter alpha 3, hope the input Lag improves and so the compatibility, but until then I will keep SSF as the best, that why I don't agree with the topic title, while using SSF emulation is pretty good in the most common games (N64 is way, but way worst).
  12. Saturn emulation - is it just crap

    Mednafens as incredible input lag in some games, one of them is street fighter alpha 3, I tried yabause with the 4mb cart and it works ok but then it did not wok with other games I had to change de 4mb cartridge, while on ssf it as the 4mb cart and it works in all games. All I do is, open the cue in launchbox with no emulator selected, and run a bat file after the main app runs, just by having daemn tools lite installed windows 10 opens and mounts the game. After that the bat file runs the emulator, and as a com and line that after you close the emulator it unmounts the iso, so basically I never program daemon tools or send it to mount the image, because windows 10 does that just by having daemon tools installed.
  13. Saturn emulation - is it just crap

    I really don't get it why people say SSF is complicated, it works really good and easy to use with launchbox, I never mounted a single ISO, plus SSF has less lag then Mednafen and no tricks like the Yabause that cannot run all games with the same config.
  14. No problem, now that you told me that, it makes perfect sense, it never crossed my mind it was a niche so small, since games are better then the Nintendo Version and Genesis versions. At this point in time I'm filling the Library and very slowly getting the covers for some systems, once I deal with that I will help fill some games. Thanks
  15. The emulator detected a lot, but a lot, it only missed about 250 games from the 2750 I trowed at it, I'm talking about the LB database not reconizing the games, no metada or covers it a really chame.
  16. Great toturial, firt time ever I really liked the way the games work as if they were roms, I never could get to like Win UAE. The only thing I would like more, was for better Database implementation because a ton of games were not found in the database.
  17. getting 3DNES working on Launchbox

    I just took a look at this post and put it to work, but then another question poped, how can I duplicate the NES list to another platform so it uses the same paths, same screenshots, same covers, and only runs a different emulator.
  18. My bad, I have already edited the first comment and Title to be more clear about what CoinOPS is and what I want to do. They are the original Xbox Alt Mame emulators, they emulate almost every 2D game that MAME emulates and they have a ton of modded roms that are just great. What I really want is to be able to run those roms in a PC emulator, since I going to be playing all my roms on the PC, So I need a way to play those games.
  19. Demul problems

    Demul works fine for me, but I'm not using the lasta version, because it was giving error in a lot of roms I have.
  20. Retroarch in Launchbox

    You are welcome.
  21. Retroarch in Launchbox

    BlueMSX needs to identify the version of MSX and if the game is a cartridge or a floppy disk, apart from having to separate the versions, this is simply too much unnecessary work, so I lost a bit more time in Retroarch and I solved the problem. I saved a new configuration file for the core bluemsx_libretro.dll making the bluemsx_libretro.cfg, then I duplicated the cfg file and rename the two files to bluemsx1_libretro.cfg and bluemsx2_libretro.cfg, after that I edited the field core_options_path = "" inside both cfg files, making it core_options_path = "retroarch-core-options.cfg and core_options_path = "retroarch-core-options2.cfg, and the code inside each file retroarch-core-options.cfg: retroarch-core-options.cfg bluemsx_msxtype = "MSX" bluemsx_vdp_synctype = "Auto" bluemsx_ym2413_enable = "enabled" retroarch-core-options2.cfg bluemsx_msxtype = "MSX2+" bluemsx_vdp_synctype = "Auto" bluemsx_ym2413_enable = "enabled" On Launchbox in the emulator settings on the platforms I made this config: Microsoft MSX -L "cores\bluemsx_libretro.dll" -c "config\bluemsx1_libretro.cfg" True Microsoft MSX2 -L "cores\bluemsx_libretro.dll" -c "config\bluemsx2_libretro.cfg" True Microsoft MSX2+ -L "cores\bluemsx_libretro.dll" -c "config\bluemsx2_libretro.cfg" True Now my MSX games all load with no problem for all 3 versions of MSX.
  22. Retroarch in Launchbox

    Hello, In my built of Launchbox and Retroarch I found myself facing a "wall" when running MSX, MSX 2, MSX 2+, because Retroarch as the bluemsx_libretro core set to MSX 2+ and that crash a lot of floppys for the MSX, to make those games work, I changed the core specs to MSX2 but now the MSX 2+ wont work proprely or not work at all. How can I change this acording to platfom in the comand line inside the Launchbox making Retroarch change the core settings.