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Launchbox T-shirt?


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Was hoping they would have a cool print on the back, like maybe Bigbox with a cool theme or maybe a bunch of console logos and stuff on back. But, they only have a tiny little Launchbox logo on the front and nothing on back. Maybe in the future :)


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Guest Kirsten Marie

You can still buy them at that link, but the plan for the future is to make them way cooler. I have a bunch of these and I like them, but we're gonna change them up here soon.  ;) 

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That will do you guys well.....

i want to see if i have skills to run an online shop but not got it organised yet. Mrs has always wantted a shop (prolly not online though :( )

Plan was to get a 100 t-shirts for this scene and maybe some usb sticks and see if i could break even. Then move onto a reallife online shop not linked to this scene

@Kirsten Marie could let me know what unbroken- would need from me, based on a one off (small to no profit) deal. To sell a few branded t-shirts

Just a bit of a fun (practical time consumer) development project

Let me know....if you get a chance

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Someone will jump on it before me  I'm sure......I'm a way off being able to do something. I will check in when the time is right. Be a nice prof of concept for myself before taking on the world outside my hobby

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Posted (edited)

Hey, I know this is a bit late, but for those who might still be wondering where to find a Launchbox t-shirt, I recently came across this cool website called Matohash. Here's the link to their website: https://matohash.com/pages/custom-embroidery. They offer custom embroidery services, so you can create your own unique designs. I'm new here and just stumbled upon it myself. Thinking of giving it a shot to add some personal style to my wardrobe. Check it out if you're interested in getting something custom and unique. Hope that helps, even if it's a bit delayed! Happy shopping!

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