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Following on from the NesicaxLive theme I created previously this is my second theme - GRIDDLE

Unlike the Nesica theme this theme should scale correctly to most 16:9/16:10 resolutions. I have tested at 1080p but the theme has been built with images sized suitably for 4k displays. If anyone has a 4k display and would like to test this and feedback in the comments section that would be appreciated.

Also as with the Nesica theme I created this theme has additional elements included within it for Publisher/Developer logos to be displayed and also controller layouts to be shown for each platform. I have also included in seperate zip files below the platform fanart I have used in the screenshots above should you want to do the same in your setup (note unlike theme itself which is drawn to 4k the fanart are only 1080p but should scale ok up to 1080p). With regards the game/platform videos I recommend using default videos for this theme without other elements to keep the look clean and in 4:3 ratio where possible - videos shown in screenshots are all available from emumovies.

If you want to change or add additional controller layout images you just need to drop the images into the following directory within your Launchbox directory /Themes/Griddle/Images/Controls/Platform Name (you may need to create the relevant Platform Name if it does not already exist)

All views are the same layout but with different colour themes applied. This allows you to set each platform to a different colour scheme but whilst keeping a consistent look and feel throughout.

Any issues, recommendations etc. are always welcome.

For anyone who has posted on the Nesica theme I am going back and working on that one currently to make that one responsive so it scales to other resolutions and also adding in some of the features from this theme so expect a 2.0 Nesica release soon.





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I've been looking for a theme with small boxes at the bottom for a long time! Is there a specific value in XAML that controls the size of each box? I tried setting it up myself before without much luck as I know nothing of XAML...

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I absolutly love this theme! I did edit the Box logos to use the default ones that come w/ BigBox though :). I am getting an erorr when audio files play though, and I posted a question in tech support. If you have a moment to take a look, id appreciate it. Thanks for the awesome theme!

Well... I Fixed it before I posted this, I am able to play music, just hid the box that says "Playing Mp3" since I read somewere in the error about box border rendering error! (I added a screenshot of the "Fix") and my customization to your theme.




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I really like this theme but is there anyway to have the box art display instead of the controller? I don't mind the controller when you are picking a system, but I would much rather show a bigger pictures of the box art in that spot when picking a game.

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@shro2016I dont know how i managed to miss this theme for so long its my new favorite absolutely beautiful.

question i have been trying to add a background image/wallpaper to the wii u.

But no matter what i name it, it it wont show. 

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