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MAME issues with LaunchBox and RocketLauncher


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I'm having issues with some roms not running correctly from LaunchBox, although they run fine if run via the RocketLauncher UI.  I'm using the default command line parameters provided by Launchbox when selecting Rocket Launcher as the emulator.  Basically, instead of the game launching, the rom file opens up in 7zip.  Other 7zip roms work fine from Launchbox.  The ones that don't work in Launchbox do work when run from the Rocketlauncher UI, so I know the rom is good.  

There's nothing in the RL log, so it looks like the command isn't getting that far.  it looks more like its just trying to open the archive file as if double-clicking on it in the file system.

I've removed/re-added the rom, shut down/restarted Launchbox and the PC, but no luck.  Any ideas?


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Sounds like it's not even finding RocketLauncher, daft question but are you sure LaunchBox is pointing to the right rocketlauncher location? Under tools > manage emulators is the emulator application path for rocketlauncher correct?

Also is RocketLauncher set as the emulator for your mame games? Right click on a problem one and go to edit and make sure under the emulation tab that use an emulator is ticked and that rocketlauncher is the chosen emulator.

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I'm not sure if this helps, but in the past when I had a similar problem, I found out that it was caused by different platform names. While launchbox was using the platform name "Arcade", Rocketlauncher was using the platform name "Mame". The platform names should be the same in both programs, and in the case of Rocketlauncher, it's case-sensitive. For example, "Mame" (right) "mame" (wrong)

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Hey folks, thanks for the replies.  

lordmonkus:  this only happens with some games, and extract rom archive is unchecked.  

belgarath:  Launchbox is pointing to rocketlauncher and launching most games fine.  However, for some reason some of the more recently added roms did not pick it up.  I checked the emulation tab and sure enough, it was not configured.  So that is fixed now.  THANK YOU!  Not sure why that happened since most of the games applied that config when they were added.

bundangdon:  I hear you.  Ran into that same issue when I was first setting this up, but figured that one out. :)

Thanks everyone for the help!  Nice to know this is a really active forum!

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