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The main purpose of the included AutoHotKey code was a proof of concept. I wanted to add an additional "overlay" to the standard GCE Vextrex overlays that come furnished with the MAME artwork files (see the attached picture). Sort of a single purpose function similar to what RocketLauncher can do.

The attached file has two main parts, one, a file with the name of vextrex.zip. This is a replacement for the standard MAME overlays and should be placed in your artwork folder under your MAME installation location. The included png files are higher quality that the default overlays. Note: I did not create these files. I just packaged them up after having sourced them around the Internet. Second, a file with a name of Overlays.7z. Extract this archive in your LaunchBox installation directory. You will then have an Overlays directory with two subdirectories, e.g. Code and Vectrex. The code directory has the "proof of concept" source called showbezel.ahk (Note: this source requires the popular gdip.ahk library, which is allowed to be distributed with this archive). This can be run as-is from the Code directory and should wait until MAME runs a Vectrex rom, then display my custom overlay from the Vectrex directory. You can also take the showbezel.ahk source and paste it into the "AutoHotkey Script" tab if you have created a custom Emulator entry to execute Vectrex roms in Launchbox (don't run a stand alone copy of the script if you do this). For example, I created a new emulator called Vectrex, but it points to my MAME64.exe program. I then created an entry under the "Associated Platforms" tab with "GCE Vectrex" as the "Associated Platform" and with the "Default Emulator" box checked. I also have used the ability to "Use Custom Command-Line Parameters:" for each Vectrex rom so MAME uses the vectrex.zip artwork file, example: vectrex -cart %romfile% -view "star castle" (see the attached picture for more info).


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