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Question about gameDB and mycollection


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Hi all,

i have some questions about the "Gamedb" and "my collection" on the website.

About my collection: 


  • can launchbox detect for each system and in real time if I am up to date with the website DB?
  • If so how do you do this?what is the interest of my collection?
  • if not, what is the interest of My collection?

About GameDB: 

  • I noticed that on some systems for example psp. many games are missing on the DB (lots of japanese game). it's definitive or is it updated regularly?
  • How can i have my system already installed up to date ?
  • Can i help you for add somes games ?

About my collection: 

  • sometimes i have an alert on launchbox say to me the gameDB whas update. What is this? my systeme already installed was automaticly updated?

Thanks you for your help :)


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you can help LaunchBox to update the Games DB. The system works like someone has to fill in all the data and others can then moderate it. if enough accepted are there the games it comes into the official GamesDB. so we all work together to make it better and complete, incl. Artworks and so on.

Here is the Link https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/add




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the my collection feature as far as I know is in a nonworking state as of now due to lack of interest. When LB says that the DB is now up to date it just means that the local db that is in the LB program itself has been updated to reflect the changes that have happened on the online DB.

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Thanks fot the answers.

So when i have Lb says me the DB is up to date what is the stape for controle my system already installed?

I mean for example in my psp systeme i have 1400 games with no images, no videos, and no text information.
WHen launchbox says The DB is up to date what is the next step for me for controle if new information is available for my psp systemes?

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to do it in bulk you can use the media and metadata wizard in the tools just use ctrl+a to select all games in that platform and be sure to use the don't replace existing media option on the last page of the wizard.

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18 minutes ago, bauerdave said:

Is big box dead now?   Have not seen any weekly news on youtube or even no new updates like we seen the last year,  why has it gone so dead?

the only thing that keeps me at big box was the news and updates, hope it does not get like HyperSpin.



No, Launchbox and Bigbox are very far from dead. In fact the lack of recent news is simply due to big and important development that actually takes a lot of time to implement. There is no new youtube news videos simply because there has been very little forward facing news recently. Rest assured there is always ongoing work happening and there are some big updates coming in the future.

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1 hour ago, lordmonkus said:

Wut ?

New betas have been coming out and Jason has been doing streams getting the new official release ready.

Things have been a little more quiet lately compared to the past but nothing is dead or even close to it.

Also an odd place to put this question, in a completely unrelated thread.

sorry to put it here did not see anywhere else to put it in. but anyways hope to see youtube people up again posting miss that a lot

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