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Cannot open Launchbox HELP!


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Just out of nowhere, I cannot open launchbox anymore (along with BigBox). I tried re-installing previous .exe versions through my updates folder - nothing. Tried re downloading it from the site - nothing. I took the launchbox folder and saved it to my external hardrive and instaling a fresh version - nothing. Tried downloading Netframe once again, nothing


I dont know what happened, I deleted some games shut off my system and this morning Launchbox is dead?! I dont get what happened or how even installing a fresh copy wont do the trick


any help appreciated! 

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try right clicking the exe , select properties, and see if there is an Unblock button to click.

edit: you might also try disabling windows firewall/defender and any other AV software just to see if it works with them off.

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thanks everyone for the feed back


I tried everything, permissions, antivirus, even tried screwing around with the registry, truly no clue what went wrong


i fixed it by doing a system restore to the last known point where I knew it was working, hope this doesnt happen again

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Here's the general best troubleshooting process:

  1. Reboot.
  2. Back up your LaunchBox\Data folder and then remove it. See if LaunchBox starts up. If it does, then something got corrupted with your data. I am more than willing to examine a data folder to see what might have happened to prevent it in the future, if you zip it up and PM it to me.
  3. If it's still not working then it's likely a crappy anti-virus solution that is blocking it. I've also seen corporations block unknown applications from all computers on their network, so that is also a possibility.
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