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Way to remove image categories


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When editing a platform there's a tab called Folders that has paths to all of the image directories. Is there a way to remove some of these entries? For example there's no need for the arcade folders on a console platform and I don't really want or need the fanart. I'd rather not have a bunch of empty folders for media types I don't have, it's an OCD thing. I tried removing the entries from the Platforms.xml file but as soon as I relaunch the application the folders get re-added to the xml file.

I would think / hope that this would be tied to media downloading so that if a media type is removed from a platform that media type would not appear in the selection screens for media downloading.

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Yeah it's not really a matter of taking up space I have this on a 4TB drive. It's a matter of having to skim down through a list of nested folders when I am trying to find something (I'm still adding media) and the big issue is anytime I scrape an individual game I have to uncheck all the stuff I don't want.

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Yeah I noticed that. What I am referring to is going to Edit Game then Download Images/Media. I have been having issues with the scraper not pulling media for every game on the import but if I do edit game it finds them. Every game is named properly so that it finds it in the DB during import so I don't know why chunks of games aren't getting media downloads.

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