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Remove/change big grey box that appears when mouse hovers over game


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You can't so you will need to make a Bitbucket ticket requesting it.

A partial solution for now, if you have LaunchBox Premium, is to select Tools, Options, Features (under Theme) and enable the Colourize Game Selections tickbox. Depending on your chosen colour theme and background, this can fade the grey box considerably.

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there is a menu setting you can turn off so nothing shows when you hover over games : View->Show game details on hover

Edit: oh i think i see what you mean. yeah, i don't like it either and see no reason for it if you do not have any hover stuff enabled. that grey box has always bothered me too.

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Spycat - I found that option and selected it, but the grey box round the game on hover remains the same. Is there somewhere I can change the colour of this now?

ckp - glad it bothers you too! Maybe the devs will take note of this and fix it for us. The same box is shown round the selected game - I think the selected game does need some kind of box, but it could be made much less intrusive. Take a look at Openemu on the Mac for an example of a clean interface in this regard. 

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Enabling the Colourize Game Selections box when using the default (free) colour scheme has no effect on the grey box, You need to use one of the Premium colour schemes in order to see a difference. Which colour scheme blends the grey box best will depend on your background image.
The image below uses the Cadet Blue colour scheme with the Colourize Game Selections box ticked. The selected (highlighted) game is Alligator Hunt. The grey box around this game is still visible but toned down quite a bit.
If you want proper control over this grey box, then you need to post a ticket or maybe tag Jason.


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