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Music for side panel video still plays during game


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This happens for me in BigBox as well.  I thought it had to do with my video engine plugin, but I see the same bug when using the Default theme.  It happens consistently, though it only seems to occur with certain games; it occurs with many but not all mame games (retroarch core), but it does not occur with many other retroarch cores such as snes9x ... weird.

@Jason Carr: I'm using ISystemEventsPlugin to detect when a game is starting and has exited (e.g., to start/stop the video via my plugin). I noticed ISystemEventsPlugin.OnEventRaised does not fire for the games where the video does not stop. Again, these same games also cause issues in the Default theme.  Maybe that event's firing logic is the source of the issue?

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Is this happening strictly with Windows Media Player as the video playback engine? I know that certain users have stated that it's an issue with Big Box on their systems, but it's been so long since I heard about it that I forgot it was a thing. I think it must be some sort of system-specific issue.

That said, I've heard about it quite a bit for .Next, so I'll be looking into it to see what I can do.

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