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*Click follow to stay informed of important updates*

This theme started out as a custom color skin for the FutureState theme by Hexxxer, I wanted to make something that would fit my gameroom's dark blue/purple blacklight lit environment, a bit like the good old dark arcades, where light plays an important role to the experience. 
It evolved after months of coding long, long... lloonng hours into this, I had to learn this coding language along the way, I hope it doesn't contain any errors and such.

Huge thanks go out to @Hexxxer for his amazing theme (FutureState) framework, controls (HexControls.dll) and kind permission, without him I couldn't have done this. Also a huge thanks to @NJDave71  for making it possible to see the game count for playlists through HelperControl_v4.DLL which is included in this theme. Thanks guys! And everyone else for all the inspiration, enthusiasm and dedication.

Enjoy :) please read these instructions well!

---Installation, Tips & Probable Issues---

1. This theme uses images and video pretty heavy, it could run slow on older systems, I did add some faster/lighter views, try to see what works for you  after you let the lists cache. Huge lists with thousands of games always run a bit slower as more data is being transfered.
I recommend doing the following to speed up BigBox greatly: 
* Uncheck all Background Images in launchbox/settings/image priorities
* Set all transitions to "None" in BigBox settings

2. This theme is probably only fit for use on a 16:9 aspect ratio, as I did use some absolute positioning of elements, I'm not very experienced yet to make a 4:3 relative positioning version, maybe someone else might be able to make such a version.

3. If you use a 4K display you probably have to set the Windows dpi settings to 200% in order to keep the layout intact.

4. You can find transparent background cabinets here at Arcade Cabinets Project 2.0: 


5. Download the theme zip file and extract the content to Launchbox/Themes/ folder.

6. Install the font file, you can find it in the extracted folder FutureStateNeonDeluxe/_InstallationFiles/

7. To make the placeholder work which shows the Cabinets/Advertisement Flyer - Back/Box Back in the screenshots needs some changes in your image priority settings within Launchbox. As the cabinets don't have their own placeholder to be coded in a theme I used the Cart 3D placeholder as I figured most people will only use one cart view or can set Cart 3D in image priorities to Cart Front. You can control a lot to your liking within image priorities, as long as you remember it's Cart 3D for this placeholder.
My setup in image priorities within Launchbox options:

1402706957_ImagePrioritysettings.thumb.png.26aa6ad1f737c941b0dede995805cd1b.png8. You might need to unblock the .DLL's in the plugin folder for them to work properly.

Slide-in/out platform/game wheel, disappearing when not in use to make room for more possibilities. The logo's have a glow beneath them so you can still see black/dark logo's apart from the background.

Special Marquee monitor filler magic trick (previously released to be used in other themes as well). Using the empty space around marquees in a special way. If you rather have the default marquee views just copy 'GameMarqueeView.xaml' and 'PlatformMarqueeView.xaml' from the default theme views folder and overwrite in this themes 'views' folder.

And loads more...

---Views Description---

Platform View 1 (PlatformWheel1FiltersView)
* A lot of Platform details
* Device image
* Large video/image with ambient/glow beneath it
* Total games counter for platforms and playlists

Platform View 2 (PlatformWheel2FiltersView)
* Same as Platform View 1 except for a few differences
* Fanart platform image in place of device image
* Device image to the right side overlaying video/image

Platform View 3 (PlatformWheel3FiltersView)
* Same as Platform View 2 except for a few differences
* Details panel makes room for full size video/image

Platform View 4 (PlatformWheel4FiltersView)
* Full screen video/image

Platform View 5 (TextFiltersView)
* Text list of Platforms
* In the mid collumn Platform banner image, device image, fanart image
* Even more details about the platform/playlist

Games View 1 (WheelGamesView)
* 2 Game Screenshots
* Details I found useful
* Game description
* 3D box (You can switch image view on this placeholder with a button) with Cart image overlaying.
* Cabinet/Back Box/Back Flyer overlaying on left side over video/image
* Details overlaying video/image like your star rating, developer, publisher, genre, playmode.
* Custom icons for Broken, Portable, Completed, Favorite and ESRB rating.
* Platform logo in the middle
* Scanlines overlaying the video/image

Games View 2 (Wheel2GamesView)
Same as Games View 1 but with Cabs/Back to the right side

Games View 3 (Wheel3GamesView)
Same as Games View 1 & 2 but without cabs/back and without scanlines over the video, for views which have high quality video's and/or theme video's

Games View 4 (Wheel4GamesView)
A view which might be more suitable for quick browsing, slower systems and require more game details.
* Cab images without transparency look better in this view
* Static logo wheel
* Video below with glow beneath. The cabs/back images are filling the screen (maintaining aspect ratio) to the right for better readability of back covers and high quality cab images. I prefer this view for inspecting/sorting out my games.
* Larger Icons right/below side.

Games View 5 (TextGamesView)
A view to see even more game details, without video, the idea here is you can see the front and back image side by side while being able to read the back image. As if you would hold the cover in your hand.
* Static Text wheel
* Many details
* Large Icons
* Box/Advertisement fronts beneath image
* Cabs/Back to the right

Games View 6 (GameDetailsView)
Same as Games View 5

Another example of FutureState Neon Deluxe in action:


Here's the startup theme to accompany this theme: 



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