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i just upgraded my emumovies  and for some reason when i got to the game selection screen ( Not the platform screen ) in big box all i get is box art and sometimes a static image of the game play..........I dont know if when i download my games to the library that the game videos box is not ticked or if i dont have something set in big box to allow the video to play..........if anyone has the answer id love to know it. thanks 

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I'm no expert by any means but I did notice a lot of options in BigBox regarding this. 

If you press Escape in BigBox then you can go to Options and look in there for settings regarding Videos. 

It could also be that your theme isn't set to show them? 

You could also check they are there in the actual video folder within Launchbox itself?

My system was set to show a still image if the video was missing so it might be that your videos just aren't there for some reason? If so I believe you can rescan your ROMs to download the required videos. 


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Depending on the theme you are using and the view in it that can affect if videos play or not. Each theme has several views and not all views support video play play back. There are also a couple of themes that do not support video play back at all. Make sure in BigBox in the settings you map a control for changing the theme view.

A couple things to do: Make sure your videos  play in Launchbox than that should confirm they are in the right folder and linked to the games. Then check video settings for play back in BigBox as there are a couple that you may need to check or uncheck depending if you had accidentally changed anything. 

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may not be of much help, but what i ended up doing was downloading all of the video snaps from the emumovies website, the go to the directory where i saved them, find each game that i wanted in my machine and manually move them into my launchbox>videos>(console name)>theme then renamed t hem to match the rom i wanted them to pair with.

im using the unified theme though.

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