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Hi Guys,

With the release of 8.8, is it possible to nest playlists inside of other playlists or can the playlists only be nested inside of platforms and categories?  What I'm trying to achieve is something like this: 


Fighting Games

----- Street Fighter Series

---------- Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

---------- Street Fighter II: Champion Edition

---------- Street Fighter IV

----- Samurai Shodown Series

---------- Samurai Shodown

---------- Samurai Shodown II


----- Contra Series

---------- Contra

---------- Super Contra

----- Metal Slug Series

---------- Metal Slug

---------- Metal Slug 2


I wanted to keep these lists platform agnostic.  Is it possible with the updates in 8.8?  I was playing around with this but it looks to me like we need to use the Parents tab on the edit playlist screen to select where these playlists display and I am only able to select categories or platforms as parents and not other playlists.  I just wanted to make sure I understood this new feature correctly.  Thanks for anyone who can confirm. 

Side note, this being my first post, I wanted to say thanks to the launchbox team for this awesome software and thanks to all those people on the forums who post great info.  I've been reading these and a few other forums for a long time, getting my system setup and building out my first arcade cabinet.  The info that has been posted on these forums has been invaluable.  Especially Lord Monkus for all the tutorials, NJDave for the no-nag MAME builds, and all of the theme creators for making my big box experience so fancy.  I'm super grateful to all of you.  

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I try something similiar.

I have created playlists for local coop gaming like:

2 Players

3 Players

4 Players


etc, which contain all the games that are playable with the appropriate numbers of players.


To get an overview there I want to create some genre playlists inside there:


2 Players

     Racing Games


     Party Games




How do I do this? When I create a new playlist I can only choose platform categories to nest into, not other playlists.


Please help, I mainly bought launchbox because I thought this feature would be doable. Would really help me and my friends choosing a game to play when meeting. :)

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Hey Team,


What I'm having difficulty with is this: I have multiple nested playlists for on platform, I'm trying to consolidate some of them. For example I have a playlist for "Action" games and other playlists for "Fighter / 2.5D", "Fighter / 2D", "Fighter / 3D" etc.


If I try to take the games from the "Fighter...." playlists and move them to the "Action" playlist. They don't transfer to the playlist, although LB says they were added successfully. (CTRL+A right click ->Add to Playlist)


The only way for me to actually get them into the "Action" playlist is to add them from the original platform category and not from within the nested playlist. Is this a bug or just a limitation?

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I would like to tag on to this topic with a different question.  I love the Arcade auto-nesting feature that became possible a few months ago, but it's sort of clogged up my Playlists.  I formerly had playlists for game series like "Final Fantasy" or "Street Fighter" but it's hard to sort through all of the Arcade playlists like "2-Player" and "4-Player".  

Is there any way to create a Playlist subcategory like "Arcade" or "Console" so I can keep my playlists separated?

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1 hour ago, Lordmonkus said:


Thanks.  I'm in the playlist section, so how would I go about nesting the Arcade playlists into an Arcade-specific parent?  I'm speaking about the Playlist section specifically, not Console Categories, etc.  I know I could take my other playlists and nest them under a console, but that wouldn't work for series that span multiple consoles.  

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you would have to be in the Platform Category section and then you would just make a top level category and then if you wanted to make more categories for playlist you would make them and nest them inside of the Playlist category you just created as far as I know nesting only works from the platform category section not in any of the other ones


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