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  1. This worked perfectly. Thanks so much. Seriously, love this theme.
  2. Love this theme. I can't seem to get the theme to work for custom playlists though. For example, I've created a personal Top 20 playlist for SNES. Is there any way to associate the SNES theme for that playlist? Thanks!
  3. Happened to me as well. What's the easiest way to go back to the previous update?
  4. SirTay

    Nested playlists

    Thanks. I'm in the playlist section, so how would I go about nesting the Arcade playlists into an Arcade-specific parent? I'm speaking about the Playlist section specifically, not Console Categories, etc. I know I could take my other playlists and nest them under a console, but that wouldn't work for series that span multiple consoles.
  5. SirTay

    Nested playlists

    I would like to tag on to this topic with a different question. I love the Arcade auto-nesting feature that became possible a few months ago, but it's sort of clogged up my Playlists. I formerly had playlists for game series like "Final Fantasy" or "Street Fighter" but it's hard to sort through all of the Arcade playlists like "2-Player" and "4-Player". Is there any way to create a Playlist subcategory like "Arcade" or "Console" so I can keep my playlists separated?
  6. Great work! Would love to see the original trilogy as well!
  7. Is anyone else using Windows 10? I attempted this the other night and was unable to have Mame recognize my WIimote but I may try again from scratch. Edit: Got the Wiimote to work with the exception of the +, -, 1, and 2 buttons. Tried to map them to the keyboard in an effort to start the game and add coins with the + and - buttons for some reason it won't work. Still, this is a lot of fun!
  8. This is fantastic. You guys are awesome. So glad I discovered LB and can't wait to see where it goes in the future. Edit: I just deleted Atari Classics from my Playlist and can confirm it actually does delete it from the Platforms section. I can get it back by automatically adding the Arcade playlist but it seems to be tied to both the Playlist and Platform.
  9. I'll tag on to the playlist thread for another question I have. I noticed the various Arcade playlists autopopulated which are amazing, but they don't really go with my console playlists (e.g. Castlevania games, FF games, etc.). Is there a way to segregate these into a separate section or if I delete the Arcade playlists will that also remove them from the platforms section? They work great in platforms, just not my playlists.
  10. SirTay

    Game Theme Video Help

    Thank you both. That makes sense. I downloaded a few themes such as FFVII but didn't think to make the game in a playlist format.
  11. Hey everyone. I understand how to utilize game videos but am still unclear on game theme videos. I can place them in the Videos/"respective platform" folder but they play like a regular video. Is there a specific folder to place the game theme videos in to provide a theme similar to platforms and platform categories? Thank you!
  12. Love the playlists. Here's some themes I would love: - Donkey Kong Country - Mario Kart - Mario Party - Street Fighter - Kirby - Pokemon - Greatest RPGs - Greatest SNES/N64/PSX/etc. - Sonic
  13. SirTay

    Playlist Themes

    First off, I love the playlist theme videos. I downloaded the playlist videos but was initially unable to view the videos for the respective playlists in BigBox mode (e,g, Castlevania playlist). I placed the videos in the video/playlist folder. After some tweaking, I discovered that I had to switch back to the Default theme to view the videos. Is this the case with all console and playlist videos or can you utilize other themes and enjoy the videos? The theme that didn't seem compatible with the playlist videos was 'CriticalZone.' Keep up the excellent work.
  14. Great theme. I'm not sure how to get these to work though. I've created a playlist and place these videos in the videos/playlist folder. I then edit the playlist to link to the video but nothing happens. Thanks!
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