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who made these?


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2 hours ago, Klopjero said:

My poor attempt. 

Thanks for the font. I think he might have used the 3d function of Photoshop...unfortunately that isnt activated on my edition of photoshop. ;(

Trying to make a dissolve on the characters so that they alpha blend off the edges... 

Klop, give me some time I get home and I'll make you the 3d text. 

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Hey guys, here you go.

The effect done in the original logos is not 3D per se, as it has depth and a look up camera position, but the axises are 90 degrees perfect, generating a forced view (you will see it in the psd file that has 3d view, compared to the png I am attaching here that was skewed).

Hope this helps :)

PSD: franchises_1.psd



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7 hours ago, Klopjero said:

Loveleyas always dude.. thanks a lot. how about a tutorial ? ?

Cheers :)

I am no expert in 3D at all, I just play around with stuff until I see something I like and can use.

I do not have PS Extended here at work, so I do not have the 3D features to reenact and post you the steps, but basically, I grabbed the layer, went to 3D > Make extrusion from selected layer, and then played with the axis and lights/shadows from the depth to make it look like the Handhelds one.

Since the letters that Giant Titan did are not perfect 3D (as they are full front 90 degrees to the user, but the depth goes diagonally down), I had to render the 3d layer, rasterize it and then skew it to the sides to force 90 degrees.


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