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Issues getting Dolphin/Triforce to run in Launchbox

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Hey everyone, I'm really struggling to get Dolphin to run in Launchbox, everything runs great outside of the launchbox environment so I'm really not sure what to do. I'm using an older version of Dolphin/Triforce specifically: "Triforce-3.0-697-x64" so that I can play Mario Kart GP. In Launchbox I went to: Tools--> Import--> ROM files--> Next--> Add Folder--> Selected "Nintendo GameCube" under platforms--> Added a new emulator that I titled "Dolphin_Triforce" and configured the emulator. The game imported fine (couldn't find any media but that's fine) but when I dbl click to launch the game I get the attached error. I'm guessing I need a custom default command line in which I'm not sure what to put there. I've also uploaded screenshots of my emulator settings.

Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thank you!

Dolphin error.jpg

emulator settings.jpg

associated platform.jpg

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In emulator details, try adding this to the Default Command-line parameters:

/b /e

BTW, Dolphin changed the syntax from / to - some time ago, your emulator must be quite old.

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