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Glitchy mouse wheel scrolling with new default theme in 10.8


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It acts exactly like a dirty mouse wheel sensor while scrolling in LaunchBox 10.8 with the new default theme, bouncing back a few lines with every scroll.

This isn't a mouse wheel problem though, I checked for dust or fuzz, and it doesn't happen while using any other software or window. I'm using a Logitech G600 with Logitech Gaming software version 9.02.65

Thanks in advance!



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you don't need a premium license to revert back to the old default theme that option is available to free users. Go to tools>Options> click visuals in the sidebar and change to old default from the drop down. This will require a restart (of LaunchBox not your PC).

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3 minutes ago, Ranthalion75 said:

Does everyone have this problem or is it a certain combination of things (hardware/software)?

If I can change my configuration of Windows settings to use the new theme I definitely would, instead of reverting to an older one.

Thanks for the info, guys! ?

It is affecting some more than others depending on hardware. Jason is aware. Steps have been taken and I am sure he will keep looking to refine. In the meantime the best option is use the Old Default or try 10.9 as he added some performance improvements. 

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Fair enough, though I am really hoping for a user toggle-able option for the dynamic box scaling from Jason. I personally find the "jitter" of it annoying. I was hoping for a way to disable it in the theme code but Jason told me there wasn't and he would have to implement it in the code himself. 

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