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3DO - whys it loading the wrong game!!


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Hi guys - So, working through the beloved 3DO. I have many games working, however there are quite a few that load the same weird chinese love game. I cant even tell what the game is, but it is the same game each time.

I took a look in the roms folder and noticed every game which loaded this odd chinese game were games with no IMG file. Only their CUE file... This makes sense. So i went ahead and downloaded all the missing IMG files, added them to the roms folder but still, when i click the game this damn chinese game loads again.....

I assumed that there must be an incorrect rom path set up somewhere.. So within Launchbox i right clicked one of the games which wouldnt load correctly, need for speed, then went to "Edit" and down below in the "Launcher" tab the ROM FILE path read correctly to the CUE file of need for speed(...Games\3DO Interactive multiplayer\Need for speed.cue). So even though the need for speed IMG and CUE files are there it still persists to load this bloody chinese game.

I wondered if maybe my Need for speed IMG file is corrupt so then tried with another wrong loading game mad dog 2. and same problems as with Need for speed. 

Any help greatly appreciated


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Did you open up the CUE files in a text editor to verify they are actually referencing the correct file?  If you only had CUE files to start that is not usually a good sign since the CUE and binary images should come as set.  You didn't mention which emulator you are using but might verify which ever emulator using supports img format. For example, Retroarch supports only ISO, CUE, BIN and CHD.  Does it do this when you use the emulator standalone outside LB? 

Last thing to try would be for a single BIN or IMG file you can typically launch file directly without the CUE (not ideal but good to test) and see if the IMG file will play.

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Hey Sundog - you are fantastic, simple editing the CUE files was the problem. Perfect thanks!.

Finally, for multidisc games, Wing commander for example. It has 4 discs, and I don't want to see 4 entries. I have combined them into 1, would that work fine? Will it auto disc swap when needed?

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thanks guys - Thought about deleting all multidisc games on my arcade but then i remembered that i have MS-DOS and Amiga on there... damn it... must find a way some how..

I have 2x Xbox pads hanging off my machine, can "Open/close cd drawer" be operated with a combination of buttons from a pad? something obscure like Right+start?

Seems like its going to be a right ball ache this

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