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10.15: Uplay Import Issues


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I am seeing a lot of reports from users about the Uplay import wizard not being able to correctly see a users game library. Below are the steps needed to make sure this import process works.

1. Install Uplay Game Launcher - We use local files to get your library information. In order to do that Uplay Game Launcher must be installed.
2. Ensure Uplay Game Launcher is in Add/Remove program list - Open up Add/Remove Programs inside of Windows. If Uplay didn't register itself properly there LaunchBox cannot find the installation and won't be able to find your configuration files. Typically a reinstall will correct this issue.
3. Log into Uplay Game Launcher - You have to have logged into Uplay Game Launcher at LEAST once before running the Uplay Import Wizard inside of LaunchBox. This log in creates the Uplay configuration files we need to determine what games are in your library.

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Ok, Launchbox 10.15 update just forced itself a few minutes ago while I just launched my current LaunchBox to do something else.

I interrupted the update (from 10.13 or 10.14), because I didn't want to update at this time.

Now, all my collection of imported systems, metadata, emulator configurations that I worked for more than 6 months was wiped-out in 30 seconds !!!

How is this possible ?

My ..\LaunchBox\Images folder still contains 60Gb, so I guess all the Metadata I downloaded and curated for all this time is still there. But the Plataforms, curated collections, etc ... it is all 100% gone !

How is this possible ? How can a version update do this ?


Please, I hope there is a way to recover this information. Can someone in this forum help me ?

Nevertheless, why is LaunchBox forcing updates on users anyway ?


Thanks a lot for the support,


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I didn't install anything on purpose.

I was working on my collection today, adding more platforms as I do when I have time available.

On the 4th time I started it today, instead of launching normally, the 10.15 install started against my will.

Because I was working on my collection, I just cancelled it. Surprise, surprise ... 6 months of work gone !


Anyway, I do not leave my LaunchBox on my Windows user directory, but on a separated drive dedicate for Emulation:   F:\Emulation\LaunchBox

My ROMs are stored in F:\Emulation\Games    This way, the complete setup stays "portable".


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I have a better understanding of what is happening now.

I guess al my data is still there in F:\Emulation\LaunchBox and subfolders.

My F:\Emulation\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms is still full of XML files


Back to the problem ..

Inside F:\Emulation\LaunchBox, now I see F:\Emulation\LaunchBox\LaunchBox where version 10.15 is installed.

F:\Emulation\LaunchBox\LaunchBox is a "new" installation with no metadata or plataforms associated.

All my data seem to be ok inside the original installation structure under F:\Emulation\LaunchBox


Now, the original file EXE F:\Emulation\LaunchBox\LaunchBox.exe does not start anymore. Maybe it was corrupted during the Update.

The new one F:\Emulation\LaunchBox\LaunchBox \LaunchBox.exe from 10.15, starts properly but does not find metadata or plataforms inside F:\Emulation\LaunchBox\LaunchBox


The question now is: why is the original 10.13 (or 10.14) Executable F:\Emulation\LaunchBox\LaunchBox.exe not running anymore ?


Thanks a lot for the support.

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Thanks a lot for all the suggestions.

I ended up running the 10.14 installation again, targeting the proper installation path F:\Emulation\LaunchBox

Now I have everything back to normal and running properly, thankfully.


As a lesson learned from this experience, I would like to leave a suggestion to the developers ...

I found out I had the option "Check for Updates" turned ON on my configuration, that's the reason the version 10.15 auto-installed in my system.

Maybe it is better to leave the updates to the users themselves, even when "Check for Updates" is turned ON.

I think it is still a good idea to have new versions being downloaded automatically, but the update action should still be triggered by the end user.

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2 hours ago, paulogrs76@yahoo.com said:

Maybe it is better to leave the updates to the users themselves, even when "Check for Updates" is turned ON.

I think it is still a good idea to have new versions being downloaded automatically, but the update action should still be triggered by the end user.

If you have Check for Updates turned on and do not want it to automatically download and install make sure you do not have the Automatic Background option checked. This way LB will give you a prompt a new update is available and gives you the option to install or not.

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13 hours ago, BananaFannaBoBesca said:

On October 27th the Uplay desktop app updated and changed it's name to Ubisoft Connect. Now I can't import my recently purchased Uplay games. I hope there is an update soon.

Wasn't aware of this until now. In the future the best way to report things like this is to click "Help & Support" at the top of this page and then "Report a bug". Far better chance of a developer seeing the issue so we can address it. I do have code in place now that addresses this issue and you should see it corrected in the next beta release.

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