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Plugin request/idea for digital media

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As a little side project I've acquired nearly 13k in digital comic books and have imported each one into Launchbox.

I've found the best way to do box fronts is to run each title in LB with CDisplay Ex

and take a screenshot of the comics front page(within the emulator), however 13 thousand is a lot.

Anyone here know of or can make a plugin that automates this?

I'm thinking there's a lot of potential if you consider all the printed media turned digital..

Thanks in advance.

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On 6/18/2020 at 5:37 PM, DOS76 said:

Only issue I have with it is it struggles with X-Men titles don't know why but it usually won't find covers for them. Also I converted a lot of my comics to WebP format and it doesn't support that either.

My only complaint is 300ish out of 5k from a "various comics file, x-men went well only 14 missed out of 568, the bulk of my collection is done, I'm very pleased.

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Seems like the program hits a corrupt file and halts , Importing in smaller batches helps sort out the few bad files.

Go to your comic book folder location and search "comic archive", copy the files into another folder then make a second folder and move a couple hundred at a time and export.

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Is comic utility belt still working?

It reads all the files but doesn't output any files...

Tried it on a single file with no luck...

Tried running the program as admin with no luck.

Other features don't work either. Like viewing pages... Just. an empty box.

Any suggestions?

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