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Scan For Added ROMs Not Behaving As Expected


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Hello All,

I've recently been shoring up my collection in a few places.

Today, I decided to complete the various arcade boards that demul can emulate and I ran into something interesting.

I discovered from this thread - 

That I did not have a complete collection of my Atomiswave games as I'd thought so I went and found the ROMs I am missing.

You can see the ones that I was previously missing selected in this screenshot - 


Next, I went into Launchbox and I did a Scan For Added ROMs for Atomiswave and the system only recognized one game, "Sushi Bar", to import and search for metadata on.  After completing the import, I went back to my games directory and decided to search for one of the specific ROM files to see if it was a legitimate game.  In this case, I chose ftspeed.zip which is the ROM for Faster Than Speed.

When I used "Import" and then "ROM Files", selected the ROM file in question from the same directory that Launchbox had just scanned, and then went through the process, Launchbox found the game and imported it.

I have double checked under "Edit" for the platform that Launchbox is pointed at the correct directory.

So, my question is, why did Launchbox only import one of the new ROMs when using "Scan For Added ROMs" but then have no problem when I manually selected the file and imported it on it's own.

I regularly shore up my collection by finding packs of ROMs that were not included in a smaller pack I started with.  Is this a common issue or did I experience a one off?

I only ask because I now think it is possible that for some of the very large sets (over a thousand GBA games, for example) that perhaps there were some which were not imported that should have been and I'm not sure how I'd even begin to reconcile them all when my collection is now over 12,000 games across dozens of systems.

Thank You for any help you can provide with this!

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Screenshots showing - 

a.) That I have the ROM folder correctly defined for where I store my Atomiswave ROMs through the "Edit" feature when rightclicking on the Atomiswave platform within Launchbox - 

b.) Showing the response from Launchbox when I ask it to scan for added roms - 

c.) Launchbox recognizing another ROM file that is sitting in that directory when it is specifically selected using the Import ROM feature - 


Please let me know if I can provide any additional details.




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1 hour ago, demosthenes2010 said:

It strikes me that perhaps there is different matching logic occuring on the Scan For Added Roms feature vs the Import ROM feature.

Might that explain the difference in Launchbox's ability to recognize new games?

I noticed this behavior for a while too. LB will pick up all the added roms if you use the "Import" option, and select the corresponding rom folder. etc etc. Never seems to find the ones ive added using the scan option

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@demosthenes2010 my guess is due to the platform not using the MAME emulator and it not picking up the arcade short names but that is just a guess maybe @Jason Carr or @C-Beats could offer more info on the subject.

On more thought that probably isn't it as you have already told the platform what to scrape as so disregard my 1st statement still maybe the devs might know more

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I just did some tests with standard ROM platforms (where one ROM file = one game) and things seemed to be working correctly. However, systems that are based on MAME are never that simple. That particular feature was built for typical ROM-based platforms, not for MAME-type platforms, so I expect that's why it's not working properly.

I don't have Atomiswave, but if I delete some MAME games and then attempt to scan for added ROMs, LaunchBox just tells me that it doesn't find anything. We should probably put in a disclaimer for MAME-based platforms, but simply looking for any unused files is not good enough to make that feature work for MAME-based systems.

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32 minutes ago, Ziggy11111 said:

Not just mame games I have been trying to scan for added psp games and nothing happens. I think this feature is just broken.


In your PSP platform is the "Games" folder pointing to where you have the PSP roms if they are not located inside the LB default folder?


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