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Themes Used:

 Unified Pause Theme  by @RetroNi 

 Game Controls FS by @Retro808 


The idea comes when i fell in love with  Unified Pause Theme  by @RetroNi with the amazing boxart and Game Controls FS by @Retro808 , but unfortunate of me i couldn't find one that have both Boxart and a controls , so i really really wanted both, i saw two themes (in my opinion) perfect but limited to one thing and i wanted both at the same time, so determined i decided to adventure on try to mix both and have a boxart view from Unified Pause Theme and a control panel like Game Controls FS, the only problem is that i don't have any experience on coding and messing with that stuff, but my determination to have that perfect theme for me drives me, so i started to open a notepad and try to modified stuff from there, by try and error i figured some way to mix them both (though it was really hard and time consuming for me, mainly because i didn't knew about the grids and how it works, remember i didn't knew and understand anything that was written in the code) but after that i did it, create my perfect theme Boxart and controls on the screen with the essence of a minimalistic and simplistic pause theme. So i decided to post it here. 


A sample image is from the collection of @OhBoyThe Image shown for display are only an example of how the theme will look, there is even a preview. If you want more images from Him click Here. But you will have to move the controller images a little to the left, because of the Boxart

How to set-up the controller images:

Place a folder called "Game Controls" in the \Launchbox\Images folder (It would be \Launchbox\Images\Game Controls\)

In there you can put your images of the controllers with the exact name of your platforms, these images are recognized by the .png extension.


If @RetroNi or @Retro808 have a problem with me uploading this, please contact me. I just wanted to have a Theme Like this, and i decided to share. BTW if you want to use/edit/modify this theme, i would be pleased if you do that, you can do anything, i just wanted to share my idea.



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