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Reasons for the rejections visible in all cases

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So first, a humble brag: 

Total Submitted Changes 14125
Total Pending Changes 1
Total Approved Changes 14107
Total Rejected Changes 17

Those 17 were all blatantly obvious, completely my fault and I got to read why. However I have made more subtle mistakes as well that have been approved that usually at least one of the moderators has noticed and most likely written a reason why they clicked the reject-button. I would suggest that even when something gets approved, the submitter could see the reasons for the rejection(s). Now I usually check whether there's one or more rejection on an approved item and if yes, double-check if I made a typo or some such. Most likely that information is already there written by the moderator rejecting said submission that I just can't see.

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This is exactly what I have been wanting. Even if the item is controversial (8 accept and 5 reject for example) I still wouldn't be able to read what people didn't like about it, and would likely continue to make the same mistakes.

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