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Keep extracted games from being deleted


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3 hours ago, Jdubbs21 said:

I was wondering if it’s possible to keep games extracted when exiting a game instead of having to re-extract every single time. This is the only reason I still use rocket launcher. Thanks for the help 

The problem there is Launchbox extracts to the temp folder and not where your roms are, so on the second launch it will just look at your specified rom path for that game again, and the temp folder is removed when you close Launchbox. At the end of the day this would be a waste of space as you would have two copies of the same game, one zipped one unzipped. So in that case why do you have the roms zipped in the first place? just extract them and cut out the middle man.

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I'd love to keep everything extracted but when you get towards the bigger systems you go from GB to TB just takes up too much space in the end.  I understand it extracts to a temp folder thats exactly what I'm looking for.  I was just hoping for a way to keep LB from deleting it.  Thanks for the reply Ill just keep rocketlauncher connected

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There's a plugin I'm working on (Archive Cache Manager) which maintains a temporary cache of recently extracted games. The next time the game is played it is launched directly from the cache, skipping the re-extraction. The cache has a configurable size limit (oldest games are deleted when full), and also skips caching small games where extraction time is negligible. Hopefully it suits your needs @Jdubbs.

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Have you considered using other formats (extensions) for your roms?

Some emulators (MAME and Retroarc) can use .chd, so, the game doesn't need to be extract to play.

PCSX2 (PS2) and PPSSPP (PSP) can use .cso, and doesn't need to be extract too.

Dolphin (GameCube and Wii) can use .gcz, same thing the others.

I don't know if this can help you and the others, depends of the game that you play, but for me, help a lot.

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Yes. I didn't know cso could be used for ps2 but as I understand its not lossless compression. Gzip is. Meaning if you compress to CSO you lose some of the data which to me is a no no even if it saves more space. Both CSO and Gzip are lossless*

.rvz is newer and equally lossless and it's compression level is pretty excellent and is fully supported by dolphin so no need to decompress. I'm working on a 1g1r gamecube set I'm currently at almost 600 games at 470 gigs total for the full set.  

Edit: I should note that if you gzip your ps2 games, on first launch with pcsx2 it'll take an extra couple of seconds to launch as pcsx2 has to create some kind of cache or something, but its only for the first launch.

I haven't gotten around to doing a 1g1r set for ps2, I have about 660 games all gz and it's about 980 gigs, just fyi.



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.cso is a lossless format. You don't lose any data and after decompress, the crc is the same of .iso.

I saw the PCSX2 can use .chd too, but i never tested.

I had do a test with .rvz on 1 gamecube iso (Capcom vs. SNK) and it's very awesome:
.iso = 1,35 GB
.gcz = 1,30 GB
.wia = 1,29 GB
.rvz = 227 MB

thanks for the help!

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