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Error Code XXXXX Lunch box will not start.


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@moali The error means the license you are using is known to be a shared/pirated license. By removing the bad license.xml you can use the freeware version. We welcome you to purchase a valid license directly from our site. 

If you feel this is an error please email support@unbrokensoftware.com with the license information and they can research the issue. 

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  • Retro808 changed the title to Error Code XXXXX Lunch box will not start.
11 minutes ago, moali said:

I bought the license from here. however, what about the Lunchbox that is a free program. regular lunchbox also giving me same error Code.

If you bought the license from our site email support as I mentioned. That license is tagged as a pirated license. 

Yes, LB is free, but the paid license also affects premium features in LB. So, as @Lordmonkus also mentioned, you have to remove to use the free version. 

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24 minutes ago, moali said:

I do not want to argue with you. I know that i bought it from here. I will leave at that.  thank you for your help.

Please contact us at support@unbrokensoftware.com with the email that you used to purchase the license and we'll look into why you're seeing this issue and get you squared away.

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